You knew i was a biggest fan of Catbug for generations. So today at Google +, PinkePie11 said "OH MAH GAWD, You want retarded Catbug.wmv? HERE (CENSORED) MEET ME AT THIS LINK", "WHAT?!?! How in the French Toast did i ever know PinkiePie11 had a Youtube account?!?!", i said. So I logged in to my Gmail account and went to her Gmail account and she told me to go to 4shared and get her M.U.G.E.N Spriteswaps. So i did it and i went to 4shared searching for Braviest Warriors cartoons. And at the very bottom was Catbug.wmv. And i downloaded the file. And there was 4 txt files and a wmv video.

The first txt file said "OMG!!! YOU GOTTA CHECK THE BRAVIEST WARRIOR UNAIRED EPISODE WMV FILE OF CATBUG STARING AT YOU!!! IT IS NOT SCARY!!! IT IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!" And the second txt file said "Catbug is dead. Miss him. Miss him."

And the third txt file said "Catbug.wmv is now on demand & Youtube now!! Check it out!! IT ALSO HAS NEW DELETED SCENES & NEW HD FORMAT FOR THE WMV FILE!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! XD", and the last txt file said "Catbug will freaking... DESTROY YOUR PLANET!!!", So i clicked the wmv file and Windows Media Player popped up, and now it showed Catbug staring at me for 20 seconds. Then it cut to static. And for 2 seconds my laptop froze. So i clicked Catbug.wmv again.

Then I saw Catbug staring at me with hyper realistic jelly beanfied eyes from the Spongebob lost episode, Red Mist. Catbug had no mouth at all, just 2 lines of long hair in Catbug's head next to his ears. Also i was shaking my head thinking, "Well THAT was a waste of time". Also there was no dots in Catbug's wings at all, then it cut to static for 2 seconds. The first txt file was wrong! Also Catbug had distorted voice saying "WANT TO DIE?!".

Then after it cut to static,
Tmp Catbugdotwmv-0-984923042

The picture from the video.

Catbug said "WANT TO DIIIIE?!?!?!" in distorted voice. Then it had eerie music playing backwards before Catbug said "WANT TO DIIIIE?!?!?!" ---------> hyper realistic

After it had bloodcurdling screaming from "suicidemouse.avi" & "Squidward's Suicide" & "Candle Cove" & "Fudd.wmv". Before the video ended it had Catbug zooming in the wmv video, and it had 6 snapshots of "Squidward's Suicide" & "Fudd.wmv" & the hyper realistic drawing of Bart from "Dead Bart" & The Klasky Csupo logo from "Rugrats Lost Episode.avi" "Minion.avi" and a picture of a demon t-rex consuming a Triceratops from "Lucky.avi" in 6 single frames. I bet i could show this file to you guys, Even though it sounds corny or not.

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