Well... I'll tell you how it started, it started on a normal summer afternoon, I was watching youtube videos. I saw one result called: "cat.avi"

It showed a picture of some "DOWNLOAD" bar and a cat treat. Normally, being my stupidself I clicked on the video. In the description, it read:


It unscrambled to, "Lets play purr!". Normally, I expected a "cute" cat video or something, but it showed a cat. Her face was mangled and blooded, her eyes were missing and replaced with "photoshopped" hyper-realstic eyes. She began to "meow!" in a demonic voice, I jumped back at the sight of the "cat". Not only was this fucked up, IT WAS REAL!

The video ended with: "m...e...o...w..." which translates to: "MEOW" (a sound cat makes).

After watching the cursed video. I began seeing the cat.avi in my sleep, it has some-what a connection to smile.jpg or in a way. Maybe cat.avi is smile.jpg's new form...who knows!

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