This has similarities with the article "Toy Story Bootleg Tape". Don't shout, "HURRR DURRR YOU COPIED TOY STORY BOOTLEG TAPE!" Don't be stupid. It's made up.

The Pasta

In some month on 2006, Cars was released on VHS. However, from October 1, 2010 TO October 31, 2010. Cars was being sold one VHS at the flea market.

I was at one area of the market, the man was selling a Cars disc. I bought it and went home and inserted it into my recorder. It opened normally. But got wavy at the part where the cars were racing, but when Lightning McQueen sticks his tongue out, it skipped to Mater and Lightning McQueen, but was in white effect and in some kind of jiggly effect.

Then it cut to a scene where it was all in pixelation, then it cut to a scene of the road and then showed the cars talking about themselves. But the version I saw was in Spanish. I went down to my basement and guess what?

My friend Chuck was there, I asked him, "Chuck, are you okay?" and he just did his normal bark. I looked around and saw the movie paused. I went back watching my movie.

October 3, 2010: After Cars was being sold the same tape at the same flea market, I bought that tape too. Seven days, I just popped the another tape in. My parents would sometime tug me into bed and put on Cars.

I went to Pixar Studios to meet the music composer for the film, he didn't say everything but played me the film's song on the piano.

October 6, 2010: I was watching a Family Matters episode called "Little Big Guy", it was a episode where one guy turns tiny. As I was watching another Cars tape, I saw a random code, "[tel:0102999305 0102999305]". The man came and said "I am working on your Cars Fan Club Pin".

October 9, 2010: I put on the another tape, it opened with static for about 3-31 seconds, it was pretty weird.

October 13, 2010: I would never forget the day of Lightning McQueen staring at me. I went to have a little picnic, the kid was watching Cars on the portable tv, I said "Where did you get that portable tv?" and his mother came and said "Anthony, it's time to go". I went to the playground area, it was completely empty, the only thing was the Lightning McQueen, buried in the grass.

I picked it up and heard that it's voice sounded like the batteries were running out. Each day his face would go wrong and his voice would get more and more bad.

I went to Burger King and saw a kid staring at me, he didn't say everything, he just went to get a kid's meal and then left.

October 20, 2010: He began smelling like... Tooth decay? Lightning's voice was gone, his face was melting. I was scared when my dog was alone in my garage.

I went home and hide it so that no one would ever see it.

October 26, 2010: Me and my dog went to Trick-or-Treating on Halloween day, I saw a same kid from Burger King, instead of me giving him candy, I give him a tape. He said "Thank you".

October 31, 2010: So far nothing happened, it was just a story. After that, the tape was gone. Not in a box, not in a store, no one called it Cars Bootleg Tape.

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