NOTE: I know this is not scary at all, this may be a Trollpasta.

Elipick11 and JanTubeHD were just 2 idiots who can't understand rules of internet and they attack good people like SkipperThePenguin100, Nodog, Chandelure005, etc. and they has a girlfriend named Carrie, who almost everyone thinks it was unfair to have her.

Today they got an application which was supposed to be made by the girlfriend named Carrie.exe2, when they open, the computer goes to the browser with a black screen saying "ARE YOU UP TO DATE YOUR GIRLFRIEND?", Elipick11 and JanTubeHD were happy and they click Yes, however, the text now says "EVERYONE THINKS YOU ARE A WIMP, TIME TO TEST YOUR MIND IF YOU REALLY LIE ABOUT YOUR THINGIES!!".

They lead to a test room, which was a quiz, the game shower was actually Death from Problem Sleuth, who had murdered the Wattersons in the lost episode of Little Guy & Geo Guy The Rangers. He asked 4 questions: "Who did you attack?" "What did you do?" "Are you responsabile for what?" "Tell me your truth.", Elipick11 asked in the 1st question that he attacked his enemies like SkipperThePenguin100, Nodog The Best, Chandelure005, etc., Death makes it upset.

JanTubeHD asked in the 2nd question that he made a big mess in YouTube, Death again makes upset. Elipick11 again asked the 3rd question that he's responsabile for trolling in youtube, Death yet again makes him upset, this time, too much and then JanTubeHD asked in the 4th question that he's sorry for trolling people, however he still lies, and so, Death admins them that they're wanted idiots of Earth, they lead them back to the PC.

However, the PC was haunted by Death, and he had made Carrie evil, she killed them with some pain and then lead them in Limbo, where it is a anonymous oil hell. Elipick11 and JanTubeHD tries to escape the limbo, however the Classic Megaman found them and killed them with one shot of Mega Buster. Elipick11 and JanTubeHD then gets cutted in half by Carrie.

SkipperThePenguin100 then announces that these people were dead, and they celebrate.

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