( warning : the following ad you are about to read never exixts EVER , so don't dare find it in the supermarket because it's not there do the same on computer bye )

do you always fell boring ? do you need a pep in your step ? well say goodbye to boringness with the creep-tastic way with CREEPY O'S cereal the breakfast of creepyness

it can give you a scary look in appearence just like to spongebob now spongebob tell us how good CREEPY O'S is

spongebob : well , there good very very VERY good

see ? and also , CREEPY O'S can take care of your normalness and gives you a scary voice like it did to oggy now oggy tell us how good CREEPY O'S is

oggy : announcer guy ! CREEPY O'S is awesome

see again ? CREEPY O'S also has very important nutrients including : blood , hyper-realistic-eyes , cherries , and most important- creepyness CREEPY O'S the breakfast of creepyness

warning : CREEPY O'S can cause nightmares , stomachaches , headaches , vomiting , blood loss , turning black , slipping over objects and more

other than that there blo-o-o-o-o-ody have a competely creepy breakfast with CREEPY O'S

just because they are totally creepy , right ?

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