Last night I Searched the internet for a Missing Series called 'Creepypasta house' that was a lost series from youtube, but was shortly after deleted because of an episode that the creator made and uploaded.


The episode starts off with ben and Jeff walking in the hallway, but its completely silent and they aren't chatting away, like normal. instead, theyre just kind of... staring at the ground and frowning. However, something was off; jeffs Carved-in smile... vanished! The scene changes to Ruby and Sally softly sobbing On the living room floor. Max was alone, staring at the wall. Eyless and laughing Jack was sitting outside on a lawn chair. And alpha... she was... sitting on her bed with her head buried in her hands, sobbing and whispering "why? Why would he do this? Why would they do this to me only?" She started to bawl really loudly. The screen then cuts to black. It then cuts to alpha in a tuxedo top and a black miniskirt. She has a depressed look on her face and she is wandering around the hallway. Suddenly there was a crack sound heard. Alpha looks down at her hand and gasps, because her skin went from light Grey to peach. She then faints and the scene stays like that, slowly zooming out from a birds-eye-view for 5 minutes. The scene cuts to black. The final scene was jeff, the jacks, ben, sally, max and ruby 0004 and squidwards suicide surrounding alphas body. Alphas appearance was... different. Her jet black hair had changed to an orange-yellowish colour. The blood from her eyes had changed to light blue tears, fully detailed. And to top it off, her skin was all peachy. Sally starts to sob and she holds bens hand. Max hugs Ruby and starts to cry even louder than sally. A doctor is checking her heart rate. He removes the item and frowns. Then he speaks.

"Im sorry, but she no longer exists due to the demon escaping her body. That means no soul, no life."

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