do you know a web series called angry birds toons? Well there was one episode that never made the cut...

My father worked at rovio as a producer for angry birds toons since 2013 until he got fired in 2015. When he left he found all sorts of tapes like how sex doesnt work when it was realy chuck time.

But my dad found a tape called "CHUCK T". He brought it home and played it.

The intro began with the intro and the title card was chuck worried on the left side saying "Chuck t". The episode began with chuck walking to the sling shot.

Chuck hops on and leashes so back it breaks. Chuck flips and falls to the floor on his face. The camera remains at chuck lieing there for 20 seconds.

When chuck wakes up he is dizzy but he then relizes the slingshot is broken.

Then red comes and see chuck broke it. Red then has a demonic voice saying "ChUcK! yOu HaVe FaIlEd Me! AnD nOw YoU wIlL DIE!".

The it cuts to bomb finishig the noose. Then chuck looks at it doing a nervous gulp. Then red says demonicly "Go Or I wIlL F**K yOu!

Chuck then hops on to the noose and gets choked. Chuck is littely throwing up BLOOD. chuck is so dizzy his eyes are woozy and his body is turning red.

Then red tells bomb in his evil voice "GeT tHe KnIfE!". bomb gives red the knife and STABS chuck in his head. Red then says "HaHaHaHaHa! SaTaN iS mY kInG!".

The criedets then begin. I CANT BELIVE what i just saw. To this day i do not watch OR play angry birds and when the movie comes out i will NEVER EVER watch it.

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