Anyone remember The Powerpuff Girls? I liked it when I was younger, but now that I'm older I wanted to watch it more.

So I went on the internet and looked it up on Google, I seen some of the normal episodes, but there was this one episode with new episode by it. So being curious I checked it out, the title of the episode was simply entitled: "Buttercup"

With eerie music in the background of the title. I wasn’t scared because I thought they were trying to get people creeped out. The episode starts with the girls at school coloring and laughing when it cut to Buttercup with a angry look on her face (as usual) she started ranting about how she hated everyone and everything, Bubbles and Blossom came over to try to calm her down but Buttercup pushed Blossom away and angrily ran out the door. It cuts back to her house where she was laying on her bed crying.

After what seemed to be five minutes of crying she stood up and wiped the tears off of her face. She decided to go into the bathroom and grab a bottle of pills.

Buttercup then proceed to put some in her hand and swallow them before collapsing. Her eyes then shut and it faded to black. 24 seconds later I heard loud sirens, it faded back and it showed an ambulance carrying a bodybag out of the house. The professor and the girls were sobbing (especially Bubbles) and the ambulance left and the 2 girls and professor went inside sat on the couch and the professor started crying saying “WHY! WHY COULDN’T IT HAVE BEEN ME.”

The girls tried to comfort him then I paused it to catch my breath. At this point I was scared how could they have such a dark plot in such an innocent show?.  I decided to look it up on Google and nothing showed up except for an article about Craig McCracken having a mental breakdown in 1991.

I heard a sound coming from the other tab, the video started up again, I tried pausing but nothing happened so I decided to keep watching. it cut to a scene where a body was hanging over a table it was professor Plutonium hanging from a rope in his lab with the screams of Blossom and Bubbles.

It cut to another scene where the town was on fire and the mayor was calling for help it didn’t sound cartoony either it sounded realistic like one of the voice actors were screaming for help. It cut to another scene where both Blossom and Bubbles were sitting at the edge of the bed sobbing loudly.

Until it stopped and there was a loud gunshot and then text appeared saying “Value life cause it doesn’t last long” one advertisment came up where it was a little kid (similar to my son) tied to a bed and a guy with a chainsaw stood besides the bed telling the kid (as he was turning the chainsaw on) “Hush little baby don’t say a word, it’ll be over before you know it” he proceeded to cut the kid in half.

I tried to contact the people who ran the website and they told me the following “Sorry, but we don’t remember putting any episodes like that on our channel, we wouldn’t allow it” so I decided to go back to the episode list and it was gone.

I decided to just stay away from any “New episodes” of shows that were canceled along time ago. But I always wonder what mad Craig go insane and write an episode about suicide?. I know he had a mental breakdown but I still wonder what made him breakdown...

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