There can be no doubt that the character of Shadow is both creepy in the book Redwall, and in the TV series, he is actually really disturbing. The thing that makes Shadow creepy is that fact that he barely says a word, and wears a huge cloak, so it’s hard to tell what he looks like. What if...he is actually the real Cluny the Scourge, and the “Cluny” we know and love is actually someone else?

It would make sense, since Shadow is a lot scarier than Cluny, and he could also be a lot more cunning. It wasn’t Cluny to stole Martin’s tapestry, was it? Plus, if Shadow wasn’t whispering all the time, he would actually sound very similar to Cluny. The two also look very similar.

So, why does “Cluny” wear all that armour made from animal skins, and why does he have that eye patch? Maybe there isn’t anything wrong with his eye at all; he’s just trying to hide the fact that he’s a phony.

Maybe the name “Shadow” is just an alias. That would explain why Shadow talk a bit fainter when he refers to “Cluny” by name; he feels nervous about calling someone by his name. So basically, if this theory is true, then when Shadow died there was no need for the battle between the rats and the Redwallers. The real Cluny actually died very early in the story. This isn’t as depressing as you might think. When Constance knocked Shadow over the wall, she already assassinated Cluny. The main bad guy was defeated, and all there was left to do was sort out his minions, which is actually what we want out of a story, and so, we are left with a single question: Who is the rat who claims to be Cluny?