• Laser Pikachus (a.k.a. Laser or Michael Wildshill)


One time, there was a mysterious boy in our class, who was silent in every class. He always stared from the back of the room, like he lived in some empty void.

Everyday, he stared at the front of the class. He had stylish hair, which looked like he was rich or a normal-ish boy, and the blue-striped shirt, which looked like it wasn't washed for a year.

I came to him one day, and i talked to him, and then, we talked about his tragic past. He felt like he was possessed. Like a demon was inside him.

In December 13th, 2013, he was bullied for some unknown reasons. There were laughs, teasing and crying. But he just sat there, with his blue-striped shirt and classy jeans. After the class following the bullying, one of the bullies died because a lamp fell on him. His throat was cut open with a shard of glass by no one and he got electrocuted and burned afterwards. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital, where it was revealed that he "couldn't make it". His parents came into his room to take his stuff and they saw a message on the wall.


No one knew what it meant, but there were speculations that it might mean "breathe to the new life" or "he should have breathe". No body knows the actual meaning.

Then, April 16th, 2014, couple of "bitchy" girls bullied him. Again, there were laughs, teasing and crying, but the deaths were to become even more bizzare and darker.

April 17th, 2014, the 7th anniversary of Virginia Tech massacre. One of the girls came home proud and happy, when suddenly her dad stabbed her to death. However, the girl survived for a while. Then she committed suicide, as the demons took over her body. Another girl (who also bullied the mysterious boy) decided to take a bath. As we all know the obvious reason of the death, i'm still gonna tell. She was electrocuted. But by a lamp this time.

April 18th, 2014. We were in a math class. The teacher (obviously) teached all that stuff about math, like square roots and pi. "The boy" raised his hand and teacher asked him. He answered. Teacher made fun of him and so did everyone, but not me. After few classes, in the recess, i wanted some help in some tomorrow's homework i was going to do at the recess, because i was too lazy and too fustrated to do them at home. I knocked on the door, i opened the door and i saw something i still have nightmares about. The same teacher who made fun of "the boy" was hanging, but her insides were used instead of a rope. She was bleeding and the same message was on the wall.

"Breathe one more."

There was a case related to the school days, and they were declared as massive suicides.

During May 2014, almost half of the seventh grade was afraid of "the boy", because of the consequences that followed the bullyings. He had a little "so-called suspicious" smile on his face, like he has a great day. He was happy. He answered happily, no one made fun of him and he was like the "Death" or "Grim Reaper of Earth".

After i gratuated, i look at his report and his birthday date was oddly June 6th, 2000, 6:66 AM. Yes, 6:66 am, i'm not kidding.

I decided to tell a story about it, and luckily, i survived the seventh grade, and i'm proud of it.

Remember, kids, if you bully someone, you never know the consequences.

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