ok is this lost episode is yeti lost episode and the no EXE and no CREEpa

One day, I was on demand, looking for the show, "Breadwinners." Then, I  saw an episode that says "Buhdeuce." I pressed play and watched it. It started with a normal opening intro like other episodes. After the opening there is a title card with a word in a black background that says, "Buhdeuce" in a red text. There was no music. It all started with Swaysway, Buhdeuce, Jelly, and Ketta walking on a long road. Buhdeuce was eating a strange kind a bread. The bread looked white with black stripes like a zebra.

SwaySway said "Buhdeuce, what are you eating?". Then Buhdeuce said "You always eat a lot." Seriously? Then they got in the Rocket Van. A strange song was playing (it sounded like "In the Hall of The Mountain King" except distorted and reversed) . It got slower and slower. Then they stopped at a mountain. SwaySway said "Wait, if we go down the mountain with the Rocket Van, we will die!" they then went down. The strange song was getting slower, more morbid, and terrifiying. It then cutted to a wrecked Rocket Van and dead bodies of everyone except Buhdeuce.

Buhdeuce was then seen with black eyes, red pupils, and his beak (or bill) looks.... like a frown. The strange music was playing reversed and lots of screaming was heard, real ones, like the ones from Candle Cove! Buhdeuce's frown slowly turned into a creepy smile.

plz watch it it not really scary

from natyia jones.