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What the DVD Looks Like

Okay, here we go, I really love the show Breadwinners but I found this one DVD once. I was at Goodwill looking for DVDs till I found one that was a breadwinners DVD. There was no Title or anything. Just Sway-Sway and Buhduece. They had no Eyes. The words were crossed out. I bought it. The price was only $00.2. Weird since it was 2 cents. I paid my money and went to watch it. I put it in the DVD Player. It didn't have a Menu. It began with Sway-Sway and Buhduece at The Rocket Van Delivering Bread. They had a Demonic Voice and no eyes. Sway-Sway said "Let's poison everyone with our bread." they put Poison in the Bread and released the loaves. Why would Sway-Sway and Buhduece do this? Ketta ate the Bread and she died. her eyes popped out and blood was flowing from the eyes. The next was T-Midi. They fed the Bread and he died the same way as Ketta. She dies, his eyes pop out and surprise, Blood. They did this to every person they saw. Buhdeuce said "You will be poisoned next. IM NOT KIDDING!" I ran away and broke the DVD. Buhdeuce was chasing me outside. He took a knife and I died........... end