Okay, guys. I don’t have much time to explain. But I feel like something bad’s going to happen soon, so please. Listen to my story. It might be your last chance.

So, here’s the recap. I’ve typed this recap two times already, and came back to my computer to find the file mysteriously deleted. So, I’m going to keep a Journal about this game, and then come back, type it, and post it online. I hope people will find it and see… maybe I still stand a chance.


Basically, I was looking for some brawl hacks, because I had to format my SD card, all of my hacks were deleted. I was looking for something new and exciting. I went to Google, and typed in “Brawl new PSAs” and pressed enter. I kept scrolling until around the 20th page or so, I found a site called “” with a heading that said “Brawl PSAs, stages, vertex’s, all in one place!” Curiosity got a hold of me, and I clicked on it.

When the page loaded, it was just a black background with green font. There were 3 tabs at the top in white font, Home, About, and Download. I was on the home tab, and it said this on the page: “Why have you hacked you Wii? Did you want it to happen? Ha. You will see soon enough…” I ignored the grammar mistakes, and went to the download tab, not caring to find out more about the people who ran the site.

Huge Mistake.

You see, when I clicked the download tab, All of the other tabs disappeared. Even when I reloaded my browser, deleted my cookies, they were gone. I also noticed that there was a visitor counter. It read “000001 Visitors since the website was made!” I just thought that the website was made recently and not yet popular, so I downloaded the hack.

I looked at the screenshots while it was downloading, and oh my god. The screenshots made the hack look amazing, everything looked realistic. Zelda was a real woman holding fire, Bowser was this huge fucking spiky turtle. Everything was so realistic, It made me really excited. The file was done downloading. It only had one file, “pf” so I just put the pf in my “rsbe” folder, and merged them. (I already created the private>wii>app>rsbe>pf to put hacks in). I couldn’t wait to play it the next day.

June 14, 2012

I played the hack today. It was… different than what I expected. I loaded up the game, and everything seemed to be working fine, except it skipped the whole intro, and the announcer (The voice was different somehow. It sounded like it was recorded with an old-timey microphone) said “SUPER SMASH BROTHERS MURDER” This made me jump a little. The intro screen said “SUPER SMASH BROS” and then “MURDER” in red font. I felt like the game was trying to tell me something. I couldn’t put it together yet though.

I pressed start, and sure enough, the regular menu came up, although without music. There were 3 things on the main screen: SOLO, MURDER, and OPTIONS. I went to MURDER, because I assumed that would let me battle with CPUs. When I got into the MURDER screen, all it had was the character’s portraits. I could choose only my own. I chose Link, because Link is my favorite character. Then my cursor started moving by itself, choosing the CPUs by itself. I was sort of creeped out, but I wasn’t necessarily scared. There was no stage selection screen. The battle started as normal.

And I say started normally because it only started normally. I was at the Eldin Bridge stage. My opponents were Zelda, Toon Link, and Ganondorf. I happily walked over to Zelda and slashed at her. What happened next terrified me.

It cut to a cinematic where Link Slashed Zelda vertically, and it split her right down the middle. Her dead body lay on the stone bridge, her organs strewn around her. I heard the pseudo-announcer again, “COMPUTER PLAYER, DEAD”. At this point, I was pretty shaken up. I turned off the Wii. I couldn’t play this for a while.

June 30, 2012

I've decided to go back to my Wii and play again. I can’t just leave it unfinished… I’ll give a report tomorrow.

July 1, 2012

Holy shit, guys. So, I booted up my Wii yesterday, and guess what? Instead of showing the Wii menu, it just loaded up brawl, with Link standing over Zelda’s dead body. But… Her body was decomposing, like she had been lying there for a while. Oh god. I walked slowly up to ganondorf and toon link, who were locked in a never-ending battle. I pressed B on my Gamecube controller, and Link knocked an arrow.

Ganondorf jumped, and avoided the arrow. It cut to a cinematic where the Arrow pierced Toon Link’s small frame. Toon Links Eyes were wide open when he got hit, and he lied on the ground, his eyes half-open, twitching with pain. The blood was leaking off of the bridge, into the water below. I almost puked. This was terrible, Toon Link slowly bled out after about 5 minutes of torture. He looked to Link at the last second, almost as if whispering, “why”. His eyes closed, and his unmoving body lay there, about 5 feet from Zelda’s.

Ganondorf looked at Link with this terrified expression. Ganon got on his knees and begged Link for mercy. It zoomed up on Link’s bloodied face, and then Link stabbed Ganondorf right through his chest. There was a man’s scream, recorded with a grainy device. I covered my mouth in shock, and felt tears well up in my eyes. Ganondorf looked at Link with half-closed eyes, mouthing “why?” It then cut to one final cinematic that had Link, covered in blood. Some words appeared above his head. Saying “JASMINE I AM SO SORRY” It then zoomed up on Link’s face, and a tear of blood trickled down his cheek, fell off of his cheek, and Landed on Zelda’s dead body.

It showed Toon Link’s dead body, and the words “Daddy why…” above his head. Then, it showed Zelda, er Jasmine. “Jeff, why.” Ganon’s dead body had the word “Brother” above it… It booted me back to the main screen, where there were only 2 options. “Solo” and “Options”. I turned off the Wii. I’ll decipher all of this later.

July 19, 2012

Sorry for not doing anything for a while, but I think I pretty much know what happened. I sent my friend the hack, too, but he played with Mario instead, It was in the mushroomy kingdom stage. His CPU opponents were Peach, Luigi, and Bowser.

Now this is where it gets pretty weird. I think that, the guy who made the hack, Jeff, killed his family. I believe that Jasmine was his wife, and maybe the one who was Toon Link was his son, and his Brother, Or Ganondorf was killed by him too. Maybe his brother was visiting Jeff and Jasmine? Maybe Jeff went all psycho on them? I honestly don’t know. Is this a hack made to scare? Are they true events? Maybe it’s the ghost of Jasmine, or the child? Maybe even his brother? I’m not so sure. I’ll play the game in a few days.

July 25, 2012

So sorry for not doing this sooner. I’ve been busy.. I have to play the game again. I am really, really scared of what I will find. I’m not kidding, I’ve never felt more fear of something digital in my life. So, I’ll play it and write a report tomorrow.

July 26, 2012

I played the game again. I think it’s the end, I’m not sure. I hope to god it is… So, I booted up my Wii, and predictably, it was at the main menu of SSBB. Only this time, a message box came up with some alarm sound effect, saying:


I selected “No” and another one came up saying “ARE YOU SURE?” I pressed Yes.

“WELL THEN KEEP PLAYING” there were two options, “no” and “OK”. I pressed “OK” and the box disappeared. Instead of the main menu having no sound, like I’m used to, it had this really low music, which unnerved me more and more with every note. I noticed the music was getting slower and slower until it was nothing more than a low, extremely loud hum. Every time I moved my cursor between “OPTIONS” and “SOLO” I heard the announcer laughing, with the same old-timey, grainy quality.

I pressed “OPTIONS” Out of curiosity, and then a text box came up and said:


Nothing else came up. It disappeared after about 30 seconds of me pressing many buttons, fearful of the low hum getting louder and louder.

There was only one option on the main screen now. “SOLO”. I pressed it fearfully. It showed Link walking around Hyrule castle (This wasn’t in the actual game) and then, he looked at the castle with much sadness in his eyes. It looked like he was about to cry. He pulled out his sword, and cut his left arm off. Then he threw it into a bush.

A bunch of weird-looking monsters came out. I’m not even sure if they were in Brawl, or LoZ for that matter. They were hunched over, and they looked pretty humanoid. They had sharp teeth, and white faces with black, soulless eyes. The eyes, oh god they looked like voids. One of them ate Link’s arm, and you could hear many crunching noises.

A text box popped up, saying:


I pressed “NO” and then another popped up, saying:


My heart was racing as these… things tackled Link, eating Link to nothing but a pile of messed up looking fat and organs, and while in the process, you could hear ripping flesh, crunching bones, and Link‘s mutilated screams. I almost vomited as they started eating the organs individually, laughing at Link’s torment. The game then booted me back to the main screen, but instead of “SUPER SMASH BROTHERS MURDER”

All it said was “MURDER AND SUICIDE”. I tried pressing all kinds of buttons, and nothing would let me continue the horrible game. I formatted my memory stick again, and the menu was back to normal. I sighed with relief. I tried the game out, and everything seemed normal. I turned the Wii off. It was finally over.

October 14, 2012

Okay, guys. The game is normal again, but now I’m scared and I think this is my last day here on earth. Sometimes when I’m walking to work, I hear the man laughing, and I swear I see the creatures out of the corner of my eye, hiding in bushes or in the darkness. When I look, though, they seem to vanish. I’ve been having a semi-recurring dream, too.

They started the day after I “beat” super smash bros Murder. The first one, one of the creatures was far away from me, by about 2 miles or so. It started getting closer every night in each of my dreams. Now it is only about 5 feet away from me, and it always laughs at me in the same voice as the announcer. Also, I tried going back to the brawlhacksa2z website, but every time I go, i get an error. I am so scared. I hope you hear from me again. If not, well, then… They have me…

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