One day I found a VHS tape on the ground. I picked it up because I wondered if the tape shows one of my favorite movies. So I read the writing on the front and it says Boxtrolls Lost Scene:Trololololo. I was so excited by it because I really liked the boxtrolls. So I brought the tape home, put the tape in the tape player and watched the lost scene. The scene started with Snatcher all alone until he got an idea. He said "I'm going to turn every boxtroll into troll faces" and he gave a demonic smile. So Snatcher sprinkled troll face virus in the underground hole witch leads to the boxtrolls home. Snatcher then said "Now to jump scare the viewer who is watching this crappy scene. I was like "WTF?" Because what he was saying was stupidly weird and he sounded like a character from GoAnimate being a troublemaker okay lets get on with the story. So Snatcher left and the screen faded to black and a few seconds Snatcher jumped right into my face with the Five Nights At Freddy's 2 jump scare sound.