if you know about a kids cartoon show called the bobinogs. if you havn`t well its a children's television programme shown most recently on the BBC channel CBeebies in the UK. It debuted for a Welsh audience, but in 2003 started being broadcast in the English market. It originally featured a child (Owain) and the three main characters Nib (a singer) Bobin (a keyboard player) and Ogi (a drumer and a scratcher) who lived in his hat: inanimate when he was present, but active when he was out. I do not believe you because you should have put the video or picture of that so that's fake This aspect of the series was later dropped; the characters are now active (in cartoon form) from the beginning of the programme.

The three main characters play in a band. A typical episode involves them trying to solve some sort of problem, then performing a song about it at the end. At one point in the episode they will obtain a clue to the problem's solution by looking through their "bobinoculars", which show video footage from the real world. Bobinogs has been sold to television stations throughout the world since its launch in 2003. Now some of you might think that bobinogs 'animation is really bad and The music numbers are really terrible. and also you might think the character ogi is a rip off cartman from south park. well i`ll tell you this i wasn`t interested in bobinogs when i was little and now like some people who don't like bobinogs i hate bobinogs now. but i have found some quite distubing about bobinogs. and not just distubing but scary as well. it was a lost episode of bobinogs and i`ll tell you all about it. one day i was looking up bobinogs on the web just to see how rubbish it reallly was. when i slowly came across a link titled 'BOBINOGS UNAIRED EPISODE' i wonder what this could be. so i click on and it showed up but the page was just plain white with nothing on it. just a video player on it and it said on it 'click on here to play' so put on my headphones and then i click on the video. but this its what happen when it was played.

it started with the beginning of the theme song and a normal image of the three main characters under the words bobinogs. the image stayed on for 2 seconds until it fades to black with static sound for 2 seconds until it goes to silence for 3 seconds until the static sound comes back with same image but this time some was strange with it and i couldn' beleive what i saw at the image. it was now black and grey and the characters have got red eyes and that they are now got sad faces and the theme song was played in slow mo. and every time it stayed on it would go to black with static sound and then reappear with the same black and grey image and the same theme song being played in slow mo. i watched the whole intro until it got to the end of it.

it started with the front ouside of the bobinogs' house and the colour was the same as the sad image but darker. the sound was silences and 3 seconds later it zoomed to the house and in the house were the three main characters sitting on the couch and they where all looking sad but the eyes were normal. they stayed on the couch for 7 seconds until ogi said.

i can't beleive it. are bobinoculars got destroy by fire this morning.

nib reply: yeah. now we won't find any clues to solve a problem. how are we gonna solve are problems now?

soon bobin got up and walked away.

it later cuts to the bathroom with bobin in it and was crying. not a cartoon crying but a realistic crying. a crying sound of a worman. bobin then stops crying then looks at the camera.with a angry look on her face. ogi walks in the bathroom. bobin looks at ogi then growls. ogi paniced as bobin got closer and closer to him. and then strangles him to death then she takes out a knife.

back at the couch nib heard the strangle sound and the screaming and ran to the bathroom when she did she let out a big scream and her face look wired. she was horrified at what she saw. ogi was lying on the bathroom floor dead. he had been stabbed in the back.

nib started to cry. then bobin look at nib and shuoted: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU CRYING ABOUT!!!??!!!

nib looks up at bobin and yells: YOU KILLED OGI!!!! WHHYY!!??

then bobin's eyes were red. then she said in a deep ghosty

then it cuts to static. the static stayed there for 11 seconds until it cut to nib in her bedroom crying. then bobin comes in still angry and her eyes were still red. nib look up at bobin.

bobin said in her real voice: What are you look at?......I Said What Are You Look At!!?.....Tell Me Now!!?

nib was shaking with fear. she

bobin said to nib: I Going To Tell You......In The Bathroom..Now!

then it cuts to static again but instead of static sound there was a distubing sound of a demon girl singing. then it was followed by a faint realistic sound of a worman screaming. that was followed by a creepy music box playing. then loud scream and then bad audio of a static-sounding explosion was heard (that loud screaming sounded like the one from spongebob slendypants)

then it slowly fades to the bathroom.bobin was still angry and then she said: Do You Want To Know Why.....I'm Jealous....of you....

But Why? cried nib

bobin reply: I Want To Be The Singer!!.. But You Took Over!!!....Y.ou Were Going To Be The Keyboad Player!!.....But Im The Keyboad Player Now!!! ........And I Have Been Waiting For This Day To Come!!!........And Do You Want To Know Why!.....

then her voice returned to the deep ghoslty one as she growls then she binked and this time her eyes were now a different colour and there resemble the ones from squidward's suicide and blood started pouring out of them. and then she she said:


she held a gun and then she fired it at nib and nib falls on her back dead. realistic blood starts leaking out from her heart.

bobin's eyes were now back to normal and her's voice was back to normal as well. she was now very sad. and she says to herself.

when we were starting our band i was the one who made the decisions for the band....i made ogi the drumer and the scratcher....and then i made nib the keyboad player and then i made myself the singer....i was going to be the singer....but nib decided that she should make the decisions..and she did...she made me the keyboad player and then made herself the singer....i was secretly so jealous that i went mad with power...and then something strange happed to me. that ogi and nib didn`t notice. and i have kept it as a secret to myself...and then i caused all of this to happen.....i was the one who set the bobinoculars on fire.....what have i done?

a single tear falls from her eye. and then she goes to the sink. she starts filling the sink with cold water. then she turns off the tap. then she shuts her eyes and dips her in head in the sink. and she drowns. then she collapses on the floor dead.

then it soon fades to a image of the three gravestones. and on the gravestones were there names.




and then it fades to black and in the background was the sound of a evil laughing.

then it cuts to static once agan for 2 seconds until it cuts to a blue screen for 2 seconds until it finially ends.

that was one of the most distubing lost episodes ever. but i was so glad that the bobinogs deserved what they got. so i decided to download it and i did. i soon played it agan but this time i recorded the creepy intro and then after the recorded i shut off my VLC media player and took off my headphones. i also took a few images of the lost episode but a little later i went back to my dwhelper to take more images of before i could delete it myself. but the unaIred episode was deleted. usually a downloaded video wouldn`t delete itself. it was spooky. i went back to the web page to were i got the episode but that page was now deleted as well. and i`ll tell this.

there could be a back story of the bobinogs before they had the tv show.

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