I saw one of the most messed up episodes that a show could ever have! Well, it all started when I was just sitting on my bed with my laptop. It was 1:25 AM. Then, I heard knocking on my door. It's nighttime, why would someone come to my house at this time? I opened the door, but there was no one there. I saw a VHS tape that said "PPG BC". I thought about it, and I realized that "PPG" stands for "Powerpuff Girls". That was the show I only watched for 2 episodes. Well, I don't know what "BC" stands for. Does it stand FOR Buttercup or something?

Well the nightmare began when i played it. The episode started with the opening of the Powerpuff Girls Show, but there were no music or voices. I thought i had my TV volume on low, but it wasn't. After the intro ended, there was static.

After the static, I saw Blossom flying into the closet. The screen cuts to her just laying there. After 30 seconds, Blossom's eyes go black with red pupils. It was creepy, but I kept watching. Then, it showed Bubbles and Buttercup talking. Blossom arrived and ate the two alive. There was blood everywhere.

It continues with Blossom doing homework. There was a human heart on her pencil. The screen cut to Blossom, looking at her house. Body parts started to fall, the screen starts to shake, and pictures of dead people starts to flash onto the scream, and screaming is heard all while this happened.

Soon, it cut to black. After that, it shows Blossom walks towards screen with her eyes closed. Then, some text popped up. It said, "Give me a hug..." She opened her eyes. It was the same eyes as earlier, but black liquid was oozing out. I took the VHS out and burnt it.

Thank God it's gone. One day, I found out that the VHS name stands for, "Powerpuff Girls: Blossom's Curse"


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