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Spout your views!sorry guys it's just i saw one of the most messed up episode that a show could ever have! Well it all started when i was just sitting on my bed with my computer and it was 1:25 AM. Then i hear knocking on my door. it's night time why would someone come to my house this time? i said and i open the door and therels no one there. but whats there is a VHS tape that said "PPG BC" I think about it but "PPG" stands for "Powerpuff Girls". The show i only watch for 2 episodes. But i don't know what "BC" stands for. Does it stands for buttercup or something?

Well the nightmare begins when i play it, i turn off my computer, and the episode starts. Well it starts a opening of the powerpuff girls show. but there was no music and no voices. I thought i had my TV volume on low but it's not on low it was fine. After the intro ended the episode starts but it was static and i REAAAALY can't see what the girls are talking about.

The music was slow and quit and the voices sound backwards. Then i see blossom flying away going to the closet just laying there. then but after 30 seconds blossom's eyes go black and red dots pop out of her eyes. It was weird but i keep watching. Then it shows bubbles and buttercup still talking then them alive?! With big teeth and blood everywhere?!

What am i watching?!?!?! Anyway it continues with blossom doing homework with a heart on a pencil. This is really fucked up! What happened to these big eyed girls?! i really can't stand watching the video but it gets worse! at night time blossom just stands there looking at her house then body parts starts to fall the screen starts to shake and pictures of dead people starts to flash and screaming is heard.

then it cut to black. then it shows blossom standing with her eyes closed and she walks closer to my screen. then texts pops up and said. "Give Me A Hug..." She open her eyes with her black and red demon eyes pitch black blood coming out. Shes about to come out of my screen but i turn it off fast! Take the VHS and burn it throw it away and its gone!

Thank god its away now i can never see the VHS again! But one day i found out that the VHS name stands or "Powerpuff Girls: Blossom's Curse"

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