The character 'Blindoeser' seen in the copy of the game.

2 years ago, I got my very own Scribblenauts Unlimited copy. I was so pumped up that I immediately turned on my Wii U to play it. I had luck with this game UNTIL I first entered Payper N. Penentary. That's where things started to get not so lucky. When I first entered it, 10 seconds after the intro, I heard loud, screechy noises, but continued on, thinking the noises were just glitches. Then my screen flashed to black a few times, but I also thought this was a glitch. Soon, my character wasn't walking. When it moved, it just slided across the floor. Also, I saw a slight flash of a purple figure, but I moved on. When the glitch effects wore off, a few seconds later, I saw the purple figure. Tentacle arms, Fire covering eyes, Base of Lily, it was really strange. Soon, this message popped up on my screen: "Maxwell is doomed! What will he do? What is this thing?" I clicked on it, and it's name was revealed: Blindoeser. Crud, how did this appear? I saw that it also had a notebook, and it created a wave. It was purely called "Hurricane Death". I added the Flying adjective to myself and dodged it. Blindoeser created Hurricane Death again. He repeated it over and over again before finally I got hit by it and died. I respawned and killed him.

Then I went to Punctuation Plaza, and went to a store. Suddenly, I saw Blindoeser again, this time saying "BUY NOW OR DIE". I sighed and thought I could trust him this time. I bought his items, then moved on. Before long, when I first created the items, the game powered off for a minute and then powered back on. One of the items, called E.T, was harmless, and rode a flying bike. Also, another one, called Mustache Potato, wore sunglasses and was also harmless. But some of them tried to kill me. One of them was Void Maxwell, who tried to trap me in a black hole. Another one was Teddy, who tried to shoot me with a BB Gun. I didn't die, however. I reset the game, deleted the objects, and went to Capital City. However, I saw Blindoeser again. He said "COME WITH ME", and 3 seconds after he said that, my Wii U turned off. I couldn't turn it back on. Soon, something tapped me on the back. I turned and saw it was a blue, slimy troll. He said "FOLLOW ME" in an ugly, crippled voice. When I followed him, he put me out of my house, and soon in a small cottage. He trapped me in a cage and said "YOU WILL STAY HERE FOR AN ETERNITY". I escaped and killed the figure, however, thanks to my friend, Moe. However, Moe turned out to be the true identity of Blindoeser. He said "You ignored me. I just wanted attention. Now I hatched my own plan to kill you." He brought me to his house. Now, it's worse. Moe treats me like a tornado treats cars. Even his brothers and parents treat me the same as Moe does! I am forced to go to not only school, but weekend school and summer school. I think that's no fair. My mom and dad once sent me a text, and they said I would be rescued tomorrow. Until then, I'm the pet of Moe's family. Moe is now my arch enemy. I don't like him anymore. Mom, Dad, please help me get out of here!

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