I really doubt you will trust me about that DVD. It really happened. I got rid of it. Read the story to find out how.

You also probably don't know this show called Billy Bam Bam. Its made by BabyTV, and it is not really famous. Well, anyways. About a year ago, my baby brother used to LOVE Billy Bam Bam. But now, he disappeared and was never heard from again. And I miss him, very much. And it was because of a lost episode. I was at the store, looking for a Billy Bam Bam episodes on a DVD. But I had no luck. But then after leaving the store, I saw a woman running... with a Billy Bam Bam DVD in her hands! I asked her why she was scared. She said because the tape was haunted. I thought she was going crazy, so I let her give it to me for my little brother, and then she said I warned you. But something looked weird. Billy had no mouth and her fur was red instead of pink. I didn't really care. So I got it and drove home.

When I went home, I showed my brother the DVD, he was excited. We went to watch it his room. Then, we put it in his DVD player.

It had the following episodes:

Orange Picking!

Choo Choo Train!

Making Music With Cymbals!

Leaves and Tails!

And weirdly, there was one called fff. I thought that they were lazy. Oh yeah, and I also HATE Billy Bam Bam, but I pretend I like it because... I don't know why. But on the episode select, fff was not able to be selected.

We watched the Orange Picking episode to the Leaves and Tails episode. I was wondering what fff can be. But then Leaves and Tails ended. And after the credits, a short started. It was called Haircut.

Billy and Bam Bam were in their bathroom. Bam Bam was sitting on a stool. Billy was getting ready to cut and trim Bam Bam's hair. Then Billy said ''I will be right back, Bam Bam!'' And then Billy went to the kitchen and looked for a knife. And then she laughed, but her voice was low pitched. She went back to the bathroom and said ''Ready?'' Bam Bam said ''Yeah!'' and then Billy grabbed the knife and stabbed Bam Bam right in the head! And we had to see Bam Bam's head bleed for the next minute, and then the short ended. I jumped up, but my little bro was sleeping. I woke him up. And then the episode fff started.

The intro started. But I heard static in the intro. I wondered why. After the intro, it started in their house.  Billy and Bam Bam, like in the Train and Music episode, went down the slide. But, Bam Bam went too fast, and fell off and cracked his head. While he fell, the camera keep on going, and it looked like Bam Bam bounced on nothing. Then, Billy came to Bam Bam. And stared at him for a minute. And then the screen went on Billy only. And static appeared for a few seconds, and repeated. Each static clip, Billy gets weirder. Her fur became black, and then her mouth disappeared, and then her eyes turned into realistic pig-like eyes. And then the background expect Billy became a red shade. And then Billy said something, and then subtiles appeared saying КОНТРОЛЬ УМ КОНТРОЛЯ РАЗУМА. Oh yeah, it said MIND CONTROL MIND CONTROL in Russian. And then Bam Bam said in English: ''For the love of GOD, please stop watching this or it is too late. BABYTV IS...'' And then static went on screen and we heard gun noises and Bam Bam screaming.Then I heard Billy's voice say DO NOT GIVE IT AWAY, YOU LITTLE TWAT. And then the screen faded to black for 30 seconds. And after the 30 seconds, it showed Billy, back to normal, at Bam Bam's grave. And then Billy said at Bam Bam's grave, ''Why did I do this?  I am so sorry. If he dies... I die too. He was my only friend.''And then some text popped up and said ''Later...'' Billy was back at home. And then she went outside, grabbed a rope, hung it up, she took off her costume, and then before you knew it, she hanged herself on the rope.And then the screen faded to black. And then the credits played normally. And then after the screen faded to black, That black billy appeared out of nowhere and screamed really loudly and yelled TOO LATE NOW SAY GOODBYE TONIGHT and then my brother's DVD player exploded.

My little brother then started hiding under his pillow, crying. Later, it was night. I asked my Mom to keep the light on, she let me.

When I woke up, I went to get breakfast. But Mom wasn't there. I heard crying. I was scared. I thought it was black Billy trying to trick me. I got my baseball bat. And it was Mom! I asked her what was wrong. And she said that my little brother has gone missing. I know a monster might done it.

A deadly black monster was found eating childrens hearts and brains, but luckily, our cops came and killed the monster. Although there was no footage.

That surprised me. I went to chat with my friend on Hamachi. And told him what happened yesterday, but he didn't believe me. And then I went to the DVD case and the DVD in my brothers bedroom, got my trusty strong hammer, and smashed them into bits. And then I got my moms dustpan and got the bits on it. I threw the bits in the fireplace.

After that exprience; I heard voices, and when I sleep, I feel something touching my foot with a hand, even know there was nothing there.

But I do not know if there is another DVD like that, if there is, DO NOT WATCH IT I BEG YOU. INSTEAD SMASH IT.

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