I'm a HUGE The Thundermans fan, I owned all the DVDs and Stuff.

But, My favorite character was... Billy

I was on the officall Nintendo website, I was looking at Sonic and Mario games

When I came across a game called: "Billy's adventure". I was excited, It was a The Thundermans game!

Bingo!, Found the beta, It was only $9.99 and the shipping was stated to be free

It came on sunday, I quickly opened the small package

"What?" I said, It was just a CD-R case with a CD inside

It was a bootleg CD with one episode on it, "DAMNIT!" I yelled "NINTENDO, DID THIS!" I yelled

I inserted the CD-R into my laptop, The CD didn't start

Then, The episode played

But, Crashed!

Another file was opening called: "BILLY.EXE",

I won't let just any file play on my computer, I checked the file for viruses

"Nope, Not a single virus!" I said, The game file was the game I heard about online just a beta testing put on the web

The title card had Billy and Max, Except when I pressed start

It showed a video of sprite animation, It looked like Billy standing over Max, and Billy somehow tore open Max's chest and proceeded to eat his intestines. I nearly vomited, but after the video clip ended...


It had Max, Standing only

In darkness...

The walls were closing in!

Max's voice said "The only way out of this hell is... Suicide..."

Then he got crushed, Max appeared at the title

But, With a rope and a grave saying "R.I.P. MAX THUNDERMAN" and "R.I.P. Phoebe".

The game cut to Max killing Phoebe with Billy...

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