Robot and Monster is definitely one of my favourite Nicktoons, and a episode I like was Biker Girls. In the episode, J.D. stays with Robot and Monster after she has a fight with Spitfire. Robot and Monster are undelighted, however, when they find J.D. to be a huge slob and mooching off their apartment, leaving them to get the two back together. But did you know there was an original version of this episode? I'm going to tell you what happened when I watched it.

During the summer of 2013, I took a bad way and was fired from Nickelodeon for spilling coffee on one of the workers. On the way out, I accidentally stepped on a DVD with a Robot and Monster episode on it. The name me of the DVD: "BiKeR.333". It seemed to be damaged like someone stomped on it. I took it home and put it inside my DVD player. 

It started with the Robot and Monster intro. The end of the intro when they were crushed by the logo was wrong: blood leaked from the bottom of the logo. The episode then played without any mistakes, but something was far-off. Marf was not Marf: he was a demon!

Then it showed Spitfire running over JD. But suddenly, Monster takes a hand gun and shot JD in the head. Blood runned from her head, and then a red light flashed on the screen and she died. Monster chucked with a red grin.

In a twist, Robot was killing Ogo and then he killed Gart, then a demon killed Robot and he disappeared. How can a robot kill two of his best friends? I was puzzled.

Then it showed a woman hanging with a rope with no eyes, and then it showed the scene from a other episode where Robot meets Lucy, and then he kills her with Gart's head that was on fire. Then the scene goes back to normal as if nothing happened, and Lucy was still on fire, dead. Oh sweet Lucy, you are now dead! Will this episode get any worse?

Then it shows a clip from a not Nickelodeon show with Geo Guy. He was hanging out with Little Guy. It was normal, but then Monster from Robot And Monster came and killed Geo Guy and Little Guy, and then he killed Doctor and Dr. Beanson. A montage was then shown with Monster killing all main characters of my favourite TV shows, only to come across a Japanese terrorist when he next came to the Simpson family's house. The terrorist simply killed Monster with a chainsaw, with lots of blood covering the room. It then showed a hyperrealistic Monster dead with truckloads of blood on his body. Then text came up saying: "The time is now to face a horrifying death. All hail the king."

Instead of the end credits rolling, there was just a black screen. I took out the disc, shut off the DVD player and shoved it into the disc shredder. I then had nightmares about the DVD for almost two weeks, and when the nightmares are over, I prayed to the gods I'm never going to watch Robot and Monster ever again. Be careful, if you find the same DVD, don't watch it or you will have the same feeling I had when I watched the DVD. Please, be careful.