One stormy Sunday morning, I was watching a Dude,what would happen episode before the electricity went off. It may have been a power failure at the Georgia power. I don't mind it. I played on the computer until it wanted on (little shit). The recording history said that a episode of regular show have been on at 12:00 (same time five nights at Freddy's if you know what I saying) was same Fucking time as the my little pony friendship is magic. Curiosity got the best of me to watch the dammed thing. It fucking started with the introduction but it started saying the cast in a demonic Michael bay voice. It have never have done this in any of the show ( or any other shows unpretentiously). It was generally freaking (but I like horror). After the introduction is finished it showed mordecai and Rigby arguing about winning punchie about who going to rake and who going to hold the trash bag until Benson started screaming at them like he would do. The next act show the 2 playing their nes until Benson started screaming at them and saying stuff like "your shithead" and "dumbass". The show was running as twice as it suppose to do. The rest of the show is truly disturbing. It show different picture of character of the show (not Benson) in their brutality murder corpse. The last shot show Benson in his golf cart driving it. The disturbing thing is that he have a nuke like time bomb and heading for the white house. At the last 5 minutes there with one loud bang (his cart hitting the white house) and a loud boom ( bomb sat off ) the remaining part of the episode was earth in big rocks form pieces. The ending credit was not like it unusually expected. The music was a backward version of my little pony friendship is magic smile song.

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