It...started when I was five............sorry I keep pausing its hard to..bring these horrid memories back.. I'll start over. It started when i was five i was learning more and more about life and loved Barney and friend's and when I mean loved I mean I LOVED Barney. that nice intro with the happy dinosaur (sigh) but one saturday all went out the window. the episode started with out the intro. which was strange but I didn't care little did I know my childhood would be ruined for ever...the episode started off with Barney and the kids walking they walked and as they walked you could here Barney crying which was strange because he is always happy after about 30 seconds of walking Barney stops tells the kids to gather around he then gets on his knees and tells them "good bye" he then gets up and walks away. at this point I was crying why would Barney do this. The kids try following him but Barney tells them "I have to do this goodbye". They started crying and Barney just walks off. The seen then cut to Barney jump ing off a bridge. Then I started crying again. Then what bothered me the most is that it just ended like normal but without Barney

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