Let's go back to February 2014, shall we?

I was a big fan of The Lego Movie, i always love playing the video game and watching the film. One day, i got a new video on Amazon. It wasn't a Flim, it was a Short. I download it, played the short and watched it. It all started with Bad Cop walking past a lot of buildings with weird music was playing. It was black and white.It looked like a continuous loop. That was strange. Where's Emmet and Lord Business? Where are the Master Builders? Where are those Robots? a few minutes later, the music changed to Static and cutted to black. it stayed like for a long period of time (like 5 minutes). On the 6th minute, The video came back, but however there was screaming from Red Mist. It was so weird, all the sudden Bad Cop slowly made a smile. Then the screaming from Red Mist turned to Screaming from Squidward's Suicide. Then Bad Cop's face started to become strange (His smile got bigger and bigger) and he is walking faster and faster. Then Bricksburg started to look destroyed. I started to hear Emmet and Wyldstyle laughing from the background. Then the film turned sepia and Bad Cop's Face became a lot worse. Then 1 Minute Later, Bad Cop all the sudden died for an unknown reason. Then there was a part where there was a jump scare. There the monster with a lound roar. The monster looked like an ender... Wait! i remember that monster from Enderman.exe! Oh no, not again! Then after that, A head of Good Cop in a Yellow Background with a Korean text below. After the Short ended, i undownloaded it. Later when i was watching the news, The news said that there was an unknown lego movie short that made 19 people commit suicide, 18 got nausea, 10 disappeared, and 7 went to the hospital. If you ever had and encounter with Badcop.avi or another unknown short film, Don't watch it. You will never know what it really contains.