Bad Apple, himself, committed suicide after the CinnaMon and Bad Apple commercial 'Coconut'. Because in the commercial, Bad Apple isn't there. And more to this theory is that the Apple in the new commercials from 2007-present, is not him but a clone. Think about it, why would Bad Apple become good? Cinnamon is always hogging the spotlight, and Bad Apple wouldn't give up trying to stop him, am I right? In truth, Bad Apple is dead.

It is also possible that after Bad Apple committed suicide (or gone missing), Cinnamon took drugs and it made him imagine another Apple.

More Evidence Edit

  1. Cinnamon is imagining Apple being good (After he committed suicide)
  2. Cinnamon killed himself after the "Cinnabration!" commercial for Cinnamon Jacks (Which is the reason there's no second commercial for it)
  3. After Cinnamon's drug wore off, the imaginary Apple went missing in Apple Clones (Another reason there's no more Apple Jacks commercials featuring fake Apple)

You want more, I'll give you more:

  1. Cinnamon, could of, committed suicide. Not saying "he did", but it's a good answer to the new commercials.
  2. Apple is "good" and Bad Apple is "bad", difference.
  3. Kellogg's wanted them to be killed off, as they weren't as popular as they were back in 2004-2005. So, Kellogg's is the bad guy here.

Proof PicturesEdit