At this point, in the internet, nearly everybody who has been on YouTube knows about BBC (Black Buster Critic). I, personally, found his videos to be ok, which most people constantly brawl about in the comments section. I did watch the entire series of TBBS (The Black Buster Show) on DVD recently from a bootleg set I had borrowed. The quality was lacking and it appeared that the shows had been recording on Web cams then burned to DVD. There were no menus and you had to watch the disk from start to finish. Only a few sticky labels were included and told you what the first episode on each disk was to keep track of it to some degree. Before The last episode There's one I never heard of, Called "BBC.exe" It looked like any other BBC video, with his face in the Front of the screen. At first, thinking it was a mistake on BBC's part, There was no rant, just a still of BBC's face. He didn't talk like any other video, reacting to everything I couldn't see. The video was ten minutes long, so around five minutes in I paused the video and scrolled to the comments to see what was going on. Every comment was basically what you'd see on every other one of his videos, as if he were actually Ranting on some thing. BBC is usually looking left and down, since that is how is camera is angled, so it was weird that he was suddenly right in front of the webcam. He continued to do nothing for the next 30 seconds. Then he said in a yell: 

"HELLO!! THIS BLACK BUSTER CRITIC, RANTING ON..." He Froze and spoke again, "Демон".

I could see a terrified looking Black Buster Critic in the front of the screen. He didn't say anything, or do anything, he just looked at whatever he saw, obviously scarred beyond belief:

He Shouted:

"Он идет!"

"Он идет!"

"Он идет!"

He started looking around him, as if he had just heard something. I could hear a few muffled footsteps in the background of the video.

He pointed the camera towards himself, tears in his eyes, and repeated the words "forlat mig"  until the video finally ended.

I don't know what happened, or why no one saw what I saw, but I decided to best not bring it up in the comments.

Just before I started writing this, I translated Forlat Mig. It was Swedish for "Forgive Me".

I will update any new information when I find the right answers. I Asked BBC what happened He replied:

"Черный Buster критик мертв, забудьте о нем!".

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