You know Astroblast from Sprout, right? One day, My friend told me about what happened when he and his brother were watching it. He said that people were complaining to Sprout that children are getting sick and having nightmares. He said that is only airs in 12:00 AM.

The Episode

After hearing what my friend said, I stayed up in Midnight and decided to watch it. Then Astroblast came on. At first it was a normal episode of Radar the Monkey. He was making smoothies. Then later, when he went to the place where the gang fixes Spaceships, He saw comet. Comet said"Hi, rader! Can you help me fix the spaceship?"

This is where it started. Rader closed his eyes for a minute. Then opens them which is revealign black eyes with red pupils. Radar said in a loud demonic voice, "DO IT YOURSELF You f***K !!" The heck? why would there be swearing in a Sprout Show? Then all the sudden, Radar pushed Comet's head inside the spaceship which is electrocuting Comet and then stabbed him with the knife and pulled his heart out. It wasn't a cartoon heart, it was a real one. Sputnik came and she said, "Comet, i need to- OH MY GOD RADAR! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HIM!". Suddenly, Radar killed Sputnik and ate her guts! Eww! That is way too mature for a preschool show!

He then killed everyone in the Astroblast Space Station. Then it went black for 60 seconds. Then, it cutted to the scene where Radar was staring at the screen. He has blood coming down his black eyes, sharp teeth, and blood everywhere on him. And there was screaming from Max and Ruby 0004, Angry Birds: cursed Edition, Red Mist, Squidward's Suicide, Suicidemouse.avi, Candle Cove, and Fudd.wmv. He then pointed a pistol at the screen and shot it. I got sick and had nightmares. If you ever, had an encounter with this lost episode, Don't watch it! Or you will get sick and have nightmares!