after viskas death the police intevewed me and eridan explaind it all they let us go but when we got back we saw kanya she had slit her trought and cut her hand and legs off and bleeded to death I broke down in tears while I was doing that eridan saw a note next to kanyas chansaw that was coverd in her own blood eridan read it but not out loud it had kill yourself its the only way to end the gref and morning of vriskas death

then the next day I woke up and saw blood I followed it twards a clif it was a painfull way down I could shee for each spike or peac of rock that was jutting out of the cliff was coverd in more and more blood as it went down I saw some cut limbs on them aswell I went to kartkat for some wepons and rock climbing gear karkat was curus HEY UM CAN I JOIN YOUR GRUP OR WHATS LEFT OF IT ? I noded my head we then got our gear on and headed down the clif we got to the bottom of the spiked clif karkat gasped and I cryed in fear we saw eridans cut up body his scarf over his eyes and his mouth was open it was filled with his own blood

2 days later nepeta tavros and karkat join the grupe we broke the alarm so no one could call us for help in fear that another death would happen