the planet of alternia where trolls say hello day by day 4 trolls aqua the leader eridan aquas boyfriend and helps her and the rest of the grupe kanya she helps with armor and disining cloths for the grupe and vriska she always helped the rest of the grupe in tricky sicuations she always found a awnser they where all at there secret bace planning there next adventure until the alarm that signals a adventure everyone rushed to the door and headed to where the adventure whitch was at a volcano one of the old grupe member gamzze plan was to make the volcano erupt and the lava to burrn the nearbye town gamzee betraed the grupe because he wanted to rule the planet stop right there said vriska oh my old grupe come to stop me again said gamzee kanya said here you must have this we all got heat proof armor and put it on suddanly vriskas arms turned into sharp blades and lunged twards gamzee she slised him in half purple blood and guts splated all over her she turnd around and faced the grupe she looked like she rebelled us her face looked horofiying her eyes was bloodshot and she had I big smile on her face she laughed a laugh like psyco and toock off here heat proof armor and luged twards kanya luckily kanya dodged vriskas attack and fell into the firey pit below

we all looked in shock everyone looked at me I was crying eridan came over to confert me as we headed back to the secret bace later that day we mornd vriskas death