A lost episode Creepypasta about a disturbing and creepy episode of the animated black comedy series, Appleseed Creek, in which Sam Capitol (the show's tertiary protagonist) is depicted as a demonic killer who wants revenge on Alex and his friends.

The PastaEdit

I've always loved watching Poco TV in my college years and I still do today. It had hilarious and action-packed shows of its own, including Xboxers and Halfchild. But out of all the shows I enjoyed, the show to top my list of programs on Poco TV was Appleseed Creek. It was an animated series drawn like South Park known for its very compelling characters, dark humor and inspirational storylines. My most favorite characters on the show had to be Charles River, Barney Peters and above all, Sam Samson. But I had never been the same after I had watched a very brutal episode... that revolved around him.

One night, I was watching some Poco TV in my dormitory room with my roommate on the night before the day of a big test that we've spent a lot of time studying for. All night, we laughed and shouted with ecstasy as we watched the shows we loved the most. When an episode of Drunk Mythology finished, we found that we stayed so late (probably around 3 AM) that he haven't kept track of the time. But before we could turn off the TV, a Poco TV bumper came on the screen and said that a never-before-seen episode of Appleseed Creek was about to premiere. I told my mate to stay up just for another hour and a half, just for the hell of our fun.

Now the first thing to strike us as odd was the intro. The picture quality looked pretty murky, like the episode was recorded through a VHS. The theme song played differently as well - it was sounded kind of distorted as well as it was playing in reverse. By the time the title came up, the only thing about it was that Sam was missing. We felt kind of disturbed during the intro, but we really didn't pay too much attention and thought it was just a bunch of errors that the production crew of the show forgot to fix. The name of the episode was, "Killer Sam", a sort of gruesome title. The title card was just a dark red background with the episode's title being white text written in Times New Roman. We thought that something bad was going to happen, but we ignored all of it. But it turns out we were right.

The episode began with Sam having an argument with the show's other main characters: Alex, Aaron and Katie. While he was admonishing them, they looked really guilty. We could tell by their body language. They just stood there and said nothing while Sam was talking to them. The only downside of the shot was that the audio was too muffled and we couldn't make out Sam's words to be English. She continued to do this, until Aleks became angry with hm and started yelling at him. However, it didn't sound like he was yelling. His shouting sounded like choking noises and stomach growls. Sam became furious with the three and stormed off as the screen slowly faded to black.

The next shot went to Sam sitting on his bed, where there is nothing but absolute silence. There was something off about the colors as well - the scene was drawn in only blood red and black as emptiness. After three minutes of dead silence, Sam began to cry softly as the camera began to slowly zoom in on his face. The odd thing about his crying was that it didn't sound like crying from a cartoon at all. It was crying that sounded pained and realistic, like his voice actor was extremely upset. The animation began to get worse and the colors slowly faded to grayscale as the crying went on - and we could hear that the crying was accompanied with murmuring. Better acting than you would possibly think. After a few minutes of this, the shot went back to the same pose as from the beginning of the scene. The colors were the same. However, Sam's crying was extremely loud - in fact, it was so loud that we almost suffered from an epileptic attack. Suddenly, he stopped crying as the dead silence came back and it lasted for three seconds beforehand and apparently. Sam removed his hands from her face and then,... her appearance... oh my God... His eyes were empty black holes, his right arm was completely deformed and bent in impossible directions, his legs reminded me of a crab, his ears had stretched to elven proportions and his teeth had suddenly grown a bit, causing them to look like fangs. No, no, she's not a vampire. Well, she could be - but that's not the point. Sam grabbed a bloodied dagger from his closet and yelled in a demonic language:


The screen faded to black and commercial break began.

When the episode came back, the shot went to Alex, Aaron and Katie walking down the streets of Appleseed Creek. The music playing in the background was hardly a song at all - it sounded like an ominous pipe organ tune being played in reverse. The walking kept on going in a loop, like out of the Flintstones cartoon. That isn't the strangest thing though, what was about this shot was that the scenery was done in a very detailed, hyper-realistic fashion. The houses were the same colors as they were in the show, but they were made of wood and concrete. The sky had no clouds and was gray as well. The creepy organ music kept on playing and playing for the next two and a half minutes before suddenly being replaced with static for about thirty seconds. At this point, there is no music and the shot began to resemble a negative film. The only sound that could be heard was a faint noise of what sounded like raspy moaning. As the noise progressively grew louder over the next minute, the houses began to look deserted and the plants began to die and decay, even the grass. This continued for about two minutes before a bloodcurdling scream was heard. It sounded like Charles River yelling in pain and calling for help. When the trio heard the scream, the loop ended and they rushed to the farmhouse to come to his aid.

The shot went to outside the Rivers' farmhouse. The setting was no longer done in hyper-realism, but the sky was still gray and cloudless. We see far away as the trio enter his house and then, the shot goes to the living room. It looked completely normal, except that there were four unsettling messages crudely drawn on the walls. These messages were:


These message made us shiver; who would actually draw these satanic messages? Was it Sam? The scene cut to the trio entering the kitchen with the camera in front of them. There was a split-second image of the friends having shocked expressions on their faces before a disturbing photo-realistic image of Charles' corpse popped up, along with a sharp scary noise. The noise sounded like a violin screech accompanied by a loud drumbeat. My roomie and I were shocked to see how his corpse even appeared - Charles looked completely morbid. His skin was pale, his left eye was dangling from its socket, his right leg was dislocated and he was stabbed in the belly. We almost cried as we came to the conclusion of who could be responsible for Charles' death. The photo-realism of his dead body went back to normal animation. But this time, Harriet was right beside him, crying. This went on for about a full minute before a devilish-looking arm holding a knife appeared behind her, stabbing her in the back and killing her - and we knew it, it was Sam with the same grisly traits he had before! He was the one responsible for the messages on the walls and the death of the Rivers. We see in Sam's hand a Desert Eagle. He shoots Katie in the forehead, blood and brain matter splattering onto the screen. We couldn't tell if the blood and matter were red food coloring mixed with small pieces of rubber, or... if they were REAL. Alex shouts, "Holy smokes, Kaite's dead!". Then Aaron yells, "You monster!".

Sam looked at the two and let out a loud, distorted, insanely frightening shriek as he chased Alex and Aaron out of the house. We see through Alex's eyes as he runs all over town and trying to find some shelter to outsmart Sam. The town is normal and colorful, but this time the sky was different - it looked dark and the clouds were green, almost as if a thunderstorm was about to start. The only audio in the scene was a sound that grew from nothing to barely audible. It sounded like laughing. While the noise played in the background and got louder and more maniacal, there some sort of faint message that was forming on the screen, but it was impossible to decipher. When Aleks entered Kasey's house for protection, the shot went to Aaron's corpse and it was accompanied by an ear-piercing scream. Aaron's stomach was cut open with the intestines hanging out, followed by a swollen liver.

The shot cut to Alex hiding in his neighbor's house. We see on the left Kasey, who was also killed. He had a blank expression on his face, his eyes were bloodshot and pink, his hair was mangled and he was attached to the wall by a katana on his forehead. Alex cried over his dead body, a little uncharacteristic of him as he usually hates Kasey, because of his ignorance and sex-crazed lifestyle. Suddenly, the door was smashed open and Sam walked towards Alex and was about to kill him. Alex begged for mercy, "Sam, why are you doing this?! I did nothing to you!" Sam spoke in that same demonic language:


Just before Sam could maul Alex, the screen immediately cut to white and there was a faint scratching sound in the background. Then, the shot slowly faded to an entire view of Appleseed Creek. The buildings were completely destroyed with their exoskeletons showing, the forests were set on fire and the clouds have turned bright red. We heard that same pipe organ tune from earlier, only this time it was playing normally in forward. The tune was accompanied by children laughing. This went on for about a minute and a half before a static image of Sam interrupted the scene without notice. It was the most unpleasant image we've ever seen.

Sam's soulless black eyes now had red dots for pupils. His grin was wide and demonic, almost looking like a clown's smile. There were bruises all over his body. As he continued to stare at the camera, a speech box appeared at the bottom of the screen with a text that we revealed to be the text that the episode was trying to form while Alex was running all over town. The message read:


The image stayed on-screen for about fifty more seconds, before the credits rolled silently and the normal Coming Up Next bumper came up.

My roommate and I were terrified and obviously dumbfounded. We had never seen an Appleseed Creek episode like this before. I mean... a good character would never kill anyone, right? That wasn't the end though. We had nightmares all night about the spirits of the victims in that episode grabbing us in our sleep and speaking to us in quiet, raspy voices, "Come play with us." We were able to get straight A's on our big test, but we never felt the same after the insanity of an episode...