have you ever heard of a show called ankly and friends? no? well, i'll tell you. i was 9 years old when i watched it. it was a bout a red ankylosaurus who had friends of an aligator, rabbit, a duck and a T-rex, however, the first 3 episodes were good, but then it got to the dark side... when i was watching the 4th episode, ankly was walking from work, but grey clouds were seen. he went to bed and then had a nightmare.

in it, he found out that his T-rex friend, saberlizard, had died by some kind of murder when he was at work, since he didn't appear at the end of episode 3. ankly was nervous and went back to his job, the supermart, and found that when he saw him at the cash register, he was seen with his eyeballs out. seriously? ankly saw that and then he cried away to his house, then it cut to him laying on his bed in depression. then the episode ended.

the show was pulled off air by the 8th episode. i was the one that was able to see it before anyone else would.

it started off with quacky waddlers, the duck, watching tv. on the tv was some kind of black and white footage of an old movie of a chicken getting murdered. then, after 8 seconds, quacky turned his head backwards in a split second and then it cut to hoppey the bunny running. he screamed. then it was revealed he was running from quacky with...with... A CHAINSAW?!?!? i heard quacky's insane laughter, and then splatting blood on the screen and sidewalk. it faded into saberlizard, same as the 4th episode, then after 10 seconds, he began to rot. then it turned towards quacky, commiting scuicide with his last words saying : "I KILLED THEM ALL...." then he beheaded himself. the last shot was a cliff, and after4 seconds of it being normal, ankly ran towards it and screaming in depression as he fall down it, no cartoon-like looking down, just the real life way... then his blood came splashing up from the height, including ankly's skull. then, that was the last of the show.

i turned off my TV and said : "goodbye ankly. you ruined my childhood..." to this day, i will forever remember that show, and how desturbing it was, and how i will never see that goddamn piece of scrap s*** ever again.

it aired again on march 3rd, then a person commited scuicide... and was never seen again. there was a new episode. the 9th one. i wanted to try it out one more for all time sake. i then began to watch it. there was 8 seconds of black after the intro. then it cut to snapper, the aligator, crying on his bed. i knew that the 8th episode was the cause. he then began to pull out a gun, and walk towards a nose. the the jumped into the noose and he shot himself when the noose was on his neck. then, it cut to a picture that was a real-life screenshot of saberlizard's rotten remains. I was shocked at this point. why was this show made? then a footage of some ducks and chickens were played, in real life and in black and white. then it showed a close up of a spider, a family with blood and no eyes in their sockets and then, the last shot and the last point of the show EVER was ankly's dead corpse, in pieces with the digestive insides and his heart out of the body. while this shot was seen, a distorted voice was playing. i recorded it in my 3DS after i rewinded it. i played it in reverse and it said "the only way to get out of depression is murdering everyone" and then the episode and show ended. the blood-filled word "THE END" was shown with a loud screaming voice saying the same thing, and that was it. now i lied when i said i can't see it anymore... i will always have it in my memories when something tragic or a death happens.

i will forever have a flashback of the same 8th and 9th episode whenever something like any of these happen. i always will.