A Strange NES box that was found at an unknown store and it was only for $2.00, The player saw the
Airman exe stage select screen by icepony64-d6aqdoh
cover it said "Rockman 2," However it was in a NES box set which was from the US NES cartilage even though it says it in Japanese... Strange isn't it...?? Plus, the player was also looking at the cover and Airman was missing from it. The player was wondering what happen to him and where can he be...?? But the only way to find Airman is to buy the game... a few minutes later, he return home and can't wait to play the game however, the game wasn't the same... it was officially DIFFERENT from the real Megaman 2. The player turned on the game and from 30 secs. and with before 20 secs the screen flashed with a red bloody screen... then it flash with Airman in it... however, Airman has a darker color and his eyes were black with red eyeballs with blood coming out of his eyes... the sound was making a bad pitched screechy sound. The player tried to lower down the volume... but it didn't work. Then the game started normally then it a note says this "LEAVE NOW... OR ELSE... ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK..." Then game started with the intro theme... however the reading was all different it says:


So it showed the same thing, it shows Megaman on a building as usual... but then another text reads, "DON'T START" plus the title screen only reads "ROCKMAN 2" with no Return of Dr. Wily on it in Japanese. So the player, press start and it went to the select screen, and it says "PLAY AT RISK" as that was the one that goes to the Boss Select Room, there was no password screen or anything else was on it.

Once in the Stage Select Room, 7 Robot Masters were gone... the only one that appeared was Airman...
Airman exe selected screen by icepony64-d6apddm
however his name reads as "AIR???." The player selected him... and it didn't go to the part where the robot masters were once selected... it flashed pitch black and it says with Airman on it "YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!"

Once that part was over, it headed to Airman's Stage how the stage was different... it was only a horizontal stage and once Megaman entered in, there ways no Music... no music that was never played from the real stage of the real Megaman 2 game.

Megaman started to head to the Boss Gate however once he was heading to Airman, there were pieces from other robot masters that was not shown on Boss Select Room... Megaman slowly tired to walk away knowing that something HORRIBLE was going to happen.... and the player was thinking of turning off the game before its too late. But he kept on going until he reached to the Boss Gates. Megaman open the boss gate and once he entered, Dr. Wily fell from the sky and landed down however some of his parts are missing... with blood all over him. And he says, "ROCKMAN, PLEASE TURN BACK BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! PLEASE DON'T END UP LIKE-"

All of a sudden, AIRMAN entered the screen and grabbed Dr.Wily then another Red color flash appeared! After that was over, Airman was devouring Wily up leading the player and Megaman frightened with fear inside them. And after that, all was left was Wily's hand... and Airman jumps on it leading blood separating all over the place... and then heres where the real part is going to start...

There was a text saying, "Your Next... I will kill you just like I did to the others..." THEN THE BATTLE STARTED NORMALLY BUT WITH A FREAKY SCREWED UP MUSIC... When the player was about to defeat Airman, the health bar on Airman was flashing red but once it reached to the part where it showed his health reached to 0... Megaman froze. And the Player thought that he beat Airman but...

He was wrong... Airman attacked Megaman and then grabbed him and said that "YOU ARE DEAD...!" And the same thing happen the screen flashing red again and then Megaman was devour up... gone... and then it said "Gameover..."

But once it return the Select Screen, The player press "CONTINUE," however... once he enter back... it

Airman exe good ending heading home safe by icepony64-d6ar4bf
went to a black room... with nothing in it and the "READY" signs reads "TOO LATE" but normally it would with show Megaman teleporting down to enter... It showed the ending, exept there was text at the bottom. It said "THE NEW DAWN DID NOT RISE... AND EVERYONE'S SPIRITS LIVED FOR LIFE INSTEAD OF DEATH... CAUSE THE NEW DAWN WAS ONLY A FAKE... A FAKE THAT JUST SCARES PEOPLE WHEN PLAYING THIS." So, this was just a traitor. I was brave enough to select Air Man now. I kept the boxset.

Bad Ending

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