What the car might look like.

Do any of you know the show on Cartoon Network, Adventures of MYCUN? Everyone admits that it's one amazing show, because it's one of the best CGI-animated shows of all time. But there was one time, Cartoon Network accidentally aired an episode that was NEVER supposed to be aired on TV.

After it was aired for the first (but last) time, it never aired again. It didn't repeat later on that day either like Adventures of MYCUN usually does. It never aired again because of all of the content in it.

The kids who have seen it were freaked out, and their parents flooded Cartoon Network, telling the workers that this episode scared their children so badly because of all of the horrible content. Only several people remember it, and it never got to go on YouTube due to copyright reasons.

By the way, if you managed to tape this episode when it aired, consider your self lucky. You can burn it to a disc, but you can't post it on YouTube. Otherwise, your account will be suspended due to a copyright claim from 20th Century Fox and MYCUN Studios.

The story goes that I was at the Good Will store. I was scrolling through MYCUN stuff. One of them had a faded cover of a VHS tape. In sharpie it was labeled as "MYCUN EP14B" So was the actual tape. So I bought it $1.99. I went home and got out the VCR that I haven't used in ten years. I dusted it and the tape. The tape started with the intro plays like normal, but the animation looked pretty rough, like it was nearly finished. At the end when the title of the show appeared and the screen turns black. The name of the episode was "End".

Gee, as you would expect, I was very shocked. But I thought at first that this was maybe just a morbid joke, seeing how this episode looked somewhat unfinished. So I finally got to see the episode.

And now, without further adieu, I finally got to see the episode.

The episode begins with Gabriel and the MYCUNs walking in the rain. Norman was drinking some liquid in a silver canteen. Gabriel out of frustration said, "Norman, must you ALWAYS drink at these times??" "What," Norman replied, "It helps relax me."

Gabriel then said, "Well if you keep that up, we'll end up getting killed in accident. I mean you ARE the one driving us home." Gru gave Norman a look of disbelief. For some apparent reason, the voices sounded... odd. I may be wrong, but it sounded like voice clips from the other episodes and the first two MYCUN movies were remixed into new sentences like what some YouTube Poop videos do. Either that, or it sounded like new voice actors with poor recording, But I really couldn't tell.

The scene then cut to the MYCUNs in the car, with Norman at the wheel. The other MYCUNs were in the back seats while Gabriel was in the front.

"You know, Norman..." Gabriel said with a worried expression, "Maybe I should be the one to drive."

"Hey, drop dead, Gabriel," Norman snapped back.

He then started the car and some music began to play on the radio. It sounded like it was from a horror movie or something, but I couldn't tell what. Red, out of fear for some reason said, "Hey, uh... can you at least play something more... you know, relaxing?" Gabriel then changed the station on the radio and the song "Sunshine Lollipops" started playing. But then, that's when things started going strange. While Gabriel was driving, the music started going slower and more morbid as they kept driving.

The MYCUNs then stopped at what seemed to be a cliff. The music then started becoming even more morbid and horrifying. Norman had a devious look on his face. Gru then said in a scared tone, "Guys, I think Norman's at it again..." WHAT was Norman at again??

Gabriel then started telling Norman to stop and come to his senses, but he didn't listen. He then stepped onto the gas pedal and all of a sudden, the screen went dark, the low scary music stopped playing, and there was sounds of screeching car tires, crashes, glass smashing, and I even heard the MYCUNs screaming. But not they way they scream in their episodes nor the movies. It sounded like they were REALLY screaming.

The screen then faded in to what looked like the wreaked car. The screen then slowly zoomed in into the car, and I saw what gave me the chills... Gabriel and the MYCUNs looked... dead. There was a little bit of blood coming from their heads, but the blood didn't look like it was made in CGI... the blood looked real...

The screen then zoomed out with a close up of Norman's legs. The camera then moved up quickly to show the back of Norman's head, in full frame. He didn't say anything. He turned around, and what I saw horrified me. He had red hyper-realistic eyes. But they were a dark red tone. He looked a lot like from the Spongebob Red Mist Creepypasta. He gave an evil smile, as the same song that played in the radio (Sunshine Lollipops) continued playing in a slow deep tone. The screen stayed on Norman's horrifying face. I covered my eyes in fear, hoping this will end. All of a sudden, I heard the music stop.

I got the tape out of the VCR. Threw it out and never saw it again. But someone may have the lost episode somewhere, and we will never know unless someone uploads it on YouTube. I mean, like I said, Cartoon Network would never do such a thing, right?

Real or fake?

The episode, however, well, the animation is very different, and voices of the characters were remixed into new sentences. The person who made this snook into Cartoon Network, and made this nasty episode air. It's not a real episode, but it was aired.

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