I'm a huge MYCUN fan, The movies were pretty good. But, this is a creepypasta about a lost season 6 episode of Adventures of MYCUN called: "Hiro Kills Carn"

The Pasta

It all started when I am searching for an episode of Adventures of MYCUN on 4shared. But, at the very bottom it was labeled: "Adventures of MYCUN S6EP32 Unaired Test Episode" So, I downloaded the zip file. It had 2 files. It had a .txt file called "readme.txt". I clicked the .txt file and it read:

This is an unaired episode of Adventures of MYCUN. dated June 2013. This was originally a project to test out new animation equipment, and was not meant to be part of the original series. WARNING: The following that you will see contains tons of blood, gore, and violence. If you have no interest in horror-related content, don't watch this.

Blood, gore, and violence, eh? At this point I wasn't sure if ever wanted to watch it, but hey, gory curiousity caught my attention.

I closed the .txt file and there was a movie file that went by the name of “EP32-6AOM34.avi”. I then double clicked the movie file as Windows Media Player popped up.

The intro plays normal, then the intro ended. The name of the episode was "Hiro Kills Carn" It had a black background and the text was bloody red. The music for the title screen was the music from the 2012 Valve logo.

The episode starts with Gabriel's house. It looks normal. Then it cut to Gabriel looking angry at his son Carn and he said: "Carn, go to your room, now!" Carn looking angry and he said: "Oh, that is just STUPID!!! Dad I didn't do anything wrong! Why would you let me go to my room for some reason? You're the worst dad ever!" "GO!" shouted Gabriel. "Whatever." Carn said, sounding sarcastic. Carn went upstairs to his room.

It then cuts to Red reading a book. She was also watching some TV. Gabriel came here to ask Red. Gabriel said: "Red, the boy looks angry." Gabriel said: "What, honey? Why is he angry?" Gabriel then said: "Well, I have no idea."

Then it cut to Hiro sitting on a table and looking cool at his house. Then Gabriel entered Hiro's house. Hiro said: "Hey, Gabe. What's wrong?" Gabriel said: "Carn went to his room for doing something wrong." Hiro said: "WHAT?! He didn't do something wrong! And now I hate him!" Gabriel said: "Get out, Hiro." Hiro walked out of his house looking angry same as Carn.

This scene didn't seem to make any sense.

The screen cuts to Hiro sitting on his bed, angry. He now hated Carn. Hiro said: "I'm going to kill Carn" He grabs a knife and finds Carn in Gabriel's house. What the hell am I watching?? Who wrote this episode? Some autistic kid?

It cuts to Carn reading a book on his bed and said: "Who's there?" Hiro arrives. He then says, "Hey, Carn, I've got something to tell you. " Carn then says: "What? What is it?" Hiro then whispers to Carn. The whisper is oddly quiet. Carn then answers saying "What are you going to do to me?" Hiro then answers, In a very creepy demonic voice: "YOU HAD DONE IT THIS TIME, CARN!!!" Then Hiro pulls out a knife and stabs Carn in the stomach. Carn, seeming still alive, says: "How could you, Hiro?" Hiro answers Carn with "BECAUSE I CAN!" Hiro pulls out another knife and it cuts to black. You could hear Carn screaming, but It wasn't his voice. It was a real kid screaming for help.

The screen cuts to Carn dead, his eyeballs pop out, his stomach was ripped, his legs were broken, and blood is everywhere. It wasn't CGI blood. It was realistic blood. Then it cuts to Hiro holding a knife. He gives a creepy smile with soulless black eyes, small red pupils, and blood coming down from his eyes (same as Sonic.exe). Hiro then shouts in a demonic voice "SO LONG CARN!"

Gabriel came in Carn's room and said: "Carn, there's something- OH MY GOD, HIRO, WHAT HAD YOU DONE TO MY SON?" Hiro said: "SHUT UP! YOUR SON HAS GONE TO HELL!!!!".

"I'M CALLING THE COPS ON WHAT YOU DID, HIRO!" shouted Gabriel. Then he grabbed his cell-phone, and called the police, the FBI, the CIA, and the SWAT.

Soon, they came here to arrest Hiro, just like the episode "Busted" where Hiro gets arrested for stealing Gabriel's car and driving it. "Hiro, come out with your hands in the air! You are under arrest!" They handcuffed him and sent him to jail.

It then cuts to a church in sunrise. The MYCUNs were all inside, sobbing, the sounds of them all filling the screening room. It zoomed in on the same shot of poor Carn. The screen cuts to Gabriel and Red sitting on a table, crying. Then it cut to Hiro in the prison's electric chair room. It burns him to death. The episode fades to black. There were no credits.

Suddenly, my computer froze and it goes to the blue screen of death. After I restart my computer, I deleted the text file and the movie clip and put it on the bin.

I'll never watch that episode of Adventures of MYCUN at all.

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