One Saturday night, I was channel surfing to see what's on. Suddenly, I changed the channel to Cartoon Network. The Amazing World of Gumball just finished and was on the credits. Then it said that Adventures of MYCUN was coming up next. So I jumped into my seat and grabbed some chips and ice cream to watch it.

It started with the normal intro, but after the intro. It cuts to black for milliseconds. I tried switching the channel but the batteries were dead. Am I lazy to not change the channel? After that, the episode started. The episode was called "Evil Gabriel". The title card stays there for 000.010 milliseconds.

The episode then pans to Carn at the bus stop waiting for the bus to come and take him to MYCUN Village. Gabriel then appears with red eyes, speaks in a reversed voice, and holds up a bloody knife. Panning to Carn, he screams. I tried turning down the volume but it wouldn't, so I need to cover my ears to block it.

Suddenly, the screaming stopped. Carn had been cut open, his heart and intestines visible. His heart spilling blue and red blood. Gabriel is in a background with red eyes, smiling. A message appears in blood-red saying:


Red appears and says "Gabriel, I can hear you from my bed!". Gabriel, with red eyes, is in the background, smiling of the message saying "I WIN".

Soon after, a real-life man with his head popped is shown. Then it cuts to a Russian message with Sally Acorn in the background, Sally has red eyes, smiling. Gabriel appears again as he again says in a reversed voice. He holds up a gun to his mouth and shoot himself. The final shot shows Gabriel laying on the ground, dead.

The credits roll, they weren't normal credits. The music sounded like some 4-year old was banging a talk box and piano in it was very scratchy. All you can hear is static, then screaming, then laughing like you are hearing from Hell yourself. The only text that said was "Made by Satan". The show then stopped and played an Season 4 episode of Adventure Time.

I was crying so hard because WHY CARTOON NETWORK MADE THIS JOKE, BECAUSE IT WASN'T FUNNY!!! I called Cartoon Network and they mentioned Adventures of MYCUN didn't air, being replaced by an all new episode of Regular Show. I think I don't believe in Hell, Angels, Heaven or Satan!

So far nothing happened. I prayed to the gods of Cartoon Network that it was just a bad dream, and I will never think of this show the same way again.

Thank you for taking time reading this and have a good day.

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