Do you know the first ever lalaloopsy movie?

Well i do not after that what i saw. I was once in a store,and was looking for some cool video game to buy. Then i saw this VHS of the lalaloopsy movie the search for pillow and it said watch. I thought it was released on DVD and not on VHS. So i bought it and quickly went home. I took a bottle of pepsi and popcorn and put the vhs in the vhs player. But it didnt work. After a few minutes it finally started to run. I sat down to watch. It didn't look like the same movie. Jewel walked through lalaloopsy land a few minutes. She has a sad face. She has no little sister along. Why could she be alone walking by herself? There was a broken music box playing from suicidemouse.avi. She then stopped at school (known as bea's house). The music stopped too. Sprinkle came from behind and pushed her down. I was shocked. Who the fuck made this shit? She has no big sister and sprinkle got a knife out in her hand. Why sprinkle could be a killer right now? Sprinkle turned to the tv and said,,YOURE NEXT JOEY;;. Oh shit. How did she know my name? She threw the knife at the screen and went to static. Then it ended. I took out the vhs and threw it in the trash. Then i woke up in my bed. It was midnight. I Thought i had a bad dream and switched off the lights. But then ive heard something whisper...psst...i told you youre were next...

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