Do you know that show from the 1990s called "Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog"? I used to work for the company who made it. one day I was stumbling around the studio when I found a tape with a label that said " adventure sonic hedgehog episode 666 do not watch" Written in crude orange marker. I snuck it home and popped in my cassete player. Then the horror began...

The episode

The episode was very distorted and i could only make out a few parts. the parts i made out were these:

1. After the intro it faded in to what seems to be a gravestone, after a few seconds, Robotnik walks up and starts laughing in a deep, demonic voice. it then cuts to static and a short scene of Tails drowning.

2. After the tails scene there was some distortion, after that, the scene pans in to Robotnik's lair. we then fade in Robotnik crying blood for 15 minutes. it then cuts to static.

3. The next scene was really distorted but this is what I could make out. tails looking at what seems to be a galaxy. He looks at it for a few seconds before turning around to reveal blood around the fur on his mouth and dark red eyes. it then cuts to Sonic looking at the screen with a shocked look on his face. It then cuts to static before playing the intro in reverse. it then cuts to color bars and some SEGA credits. The tape ends there.


I was kinda creeped out after watching it and had nightmares for about 2.5 weeks. after that I destroyed the tape and quit my job. I then got a job at Mooyah and forgot all about the tape. but after a few weeks, I found a sonic plush on my bed. My TV then went to static, and my whole world went black.............

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Sonic The Hedgehog Episode 66 FOUND FOOTAGE 1

Sonic The Hedgehog Episode 66 FOUND FOOTAGE 1