The day was July 20, 2016. I was watching TV in my living room at 2:00am. I had insomnia, and i was SUPER bored. Then, i heard a sound of a window breaking at my room. I went into my room and i found a DVD. It was called "Adventure Time DVD". I had no idea why or how this DVD ended up in my room. I picked the DVD and put it in my disc player. On the menu, there was 7 episodes from different kids shows: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Teletubbies, Blue's Clues, Cyberchase, Rugrats and Adventure Time. I decided to watch them all. When i finished watching the 6 episodes, i clicked on the seventh episode from the DVD (The Adventure Time episode). This was a REALLY bad idea... The episode started with Finn outside his house, crying REALLY hard. It sounded like human crying. Then Jake the dog came and saw Finn crying. When he came to make Finn calm down, the screen cut to black for 2 minutes. Then it cuts to a scene of Finn's house collapsing. The screen cuts to black again, and then cuts to a scene of Finn writing a letter. When he finished writing the letter, he sighed. He readed the letter and it said: "Things had been getting more difficult over the years. Everyone except Jake treats me like a mother fucker, and no one listens to me. I lost all my friends, except Jake. They think i'm stupid, retarded and fucked up." At this point, i was confused. Like, why would a cool cartoon make such a dark and unexpected thing? Finn continued reading the letter: "They had been doing this for 3 years, i just can't handle it anymore. I have one single friend in my life, and that's Jake. Sadly, that's not enough for me to feel better... i have to do this." Then, the screen turns black & white, and blood curdling screams are heard in the background. Then, it cuts to a scene of Finn jumping a bridge and suffocating to his death, except it's black & white. The screen turns to red, and we see the following words on screen: "DEATH IS OUR ONLY HOPE". Then we see a scene where Jake is with a shotgun, standing in front of Princess Bubblegum. She is looking terrified. She screams: "PLEASE DONT DO THISSSS JAAAAAAAAKEE!!! WHAT I DID TO DESERVE THIS?" Jake said: "SHUT UP, MISERABLE B*TCH!" Jake shot her in the head. Then, it cuts to a scene of Jake with black holes in his eyes, with blood pouring out of them. Blood curdling screams are heard in the background, but this time they are louder. It cuts to black for 4 minutes, then it cuts to a scene of Jake jumping from an old building. The episode ended when he hit the ground. I was terrified as HELL. Because of that, i had multiple nightmares and a LOT of insomnia. I bought an bomb online and EXPLODED the DVD into pieces.

I SWEAR TO GOD. Don't watch this episode if you find it. Just destroy it.