WARNING: This creepypasta is pretty similar to Squidward's Suicide/Red Mist, don't mess on me.


I was searching up on eBay looking for Adventure Time episodes. At the very bottom, it says: "Adventure Time VHS: Finn's ???????". I was very interested and it was only $2. $2 for a VHS? I wasn't expecting that. After a few hours, it finally arrived. It was a VHS box and it was written with a marker. The back cover had: "333x2" I opened the box and popped the tape into my VCR player and watched it.

What the tape looked like before it was destroyed.

But there were no commercials or anything, it just went straight to the episode.

The intro was distorted and the audio was reversed, I can tell. The title screen said: "Finn's Suicide". I was pretty shocked but I kept watching. It started with Finn calling Jake who was playing a game on BMO, it was exactly like the episode: "Too Young". It cut to Finn walking into the Candy Kingdom, to give Princess Bubblegum a gift. Princess Bubblegum opened the present and it was a little block that has a small platter/button in the center of it.

Princess Bubblegum pressed the button and a time bomb came out. Finn tried to take it out but it was stuck. Then the Candy Kingdom exploded into pieces. "FINN, HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS?!?! YOU CRAZY SON OF A BITCH!" she yelled. There never was profanity in any episode except for this one. Princess Bubblegum kicked Finn out and yelled: "STAY OUT OF HERE AND NEVER FUCKING COME BACK!". It cut to Finn's face, he had bloodshot eyes and the camera slowly zoomed in on him.

The static screenshot

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 16.12.07

The creepy screenshot

It kept going for 2 minutes and then static came on. The static lasted for 10 seconds and it cut to Finn crying outside the Candy Kingdom. His crying sounded very painful. The episode played banging pianos, poor trumpets and screeching violins. "Why does my life have to be like this? I can't live this way anymore!" he said. Finn didn't sound like Jeremy Shada anymore, he sounded like the voice that whispered "DO IT" from Squidward's Suicide. The visuals and volume grew louder and half-invisible static faded in for 2.3 seconds. It showed a slideshow of really freaky photos of dead children, dogs, rabbits and horses. It kept on for 5 minutes. After that, Finn grabbed a shotgun and he slowly put it into his mouth, pulled the trigger and blood splattered everywhere, his brain went through the air and it landed on the ground and Finn collapsed. It faded to black for 5 seconds. The credits didn't roll. Instead, it cut to a girl ripping her body open and pulling her heart out. After the freaky video, the screen displays: "All hope is lost, and all happiness is lost as well, now only death remains."

The VHS was finally over. I grabbed my baseball bat and smashed the VHS into pieces and put the broken remains of the tape into the bin. I am NEVER, and I mean, NEVER, going to watch an Adventure Time episode like that, AGAIN. "Do you want to watch it again?" a whisper came behind me. It turned back and it was a Finn doll with black deep eyes and blood on his body. I threw it out of the window and it disappeared oddly. But I noticed that there are 95 more copies of this tape.

If you see a VHS like this, DON'T WATCH IT!