One day, I found a DVD copy of A Very Minty Christmas. I went home and popped the disc into my Xbox. The DVD menu was there, I scrolled down and found a lost scene called "Killing Geo Guy".

Geo Guy? Geo Guy WASN'T even in A Very Minty Christmas! However, I clicked on it to watch the lost scene.

The lost scene starts out with the ponies, planning to kill Geo Guy. The screen went static for a minute before going to the scene of Geo Guy going to the ponies' room.

The ponies then came and said "GEOGU-!" and then they attacked him. Geo Guy looked around and he saw someone that resembles the pony... pulling out the knife? Ponies not supposed to have knifes!

They then killed Geo Guy, you can hear Geo Guy's yelling. Besides, it was NOT Geo Guy's yelling, it was real. The ponies began to laugh.

The screen went black for a minute, then it flashed a very disturbing image of Geo Guy, his eyes were pitch black with blood dripping, his legs ripped off and had cuts on his body.

He then spoke: "Why? Why didn't you save me? Why? WHY?". He began crying as the camera zooms out. Instead of the credits rolling, there was a black screen with white text saying:

"You couldn't save Geo Guy, this was all your fault, so Jea put him in a hole and guess what. You're next".

Then the lost scene ended, I took the DVD out of the Xbox and threw it outside. I has pretty baffled at what this horrible scene did to me. I mean, why could a bunch of cartoonish horses kill a character from another TV show? I was confused at what happened, and to this day, I’m will wondering why this was allowed on this cursed DVD.

Be careful, if you find a copy of A Very Minty Christmas with that Geo Guy scene, don't buy it. But if you do find a normal copy of the movie, then I thank you for doing that.