Warning: Contains cussing, sex, and lots of other stuff. It is not meant to be taken seriously!

Apple and Cinnamon were having a good ol' time - playing board-games and drinking bear after... the certain incident about Apple getting fired from Kellogg's.

Cinnamon suggests he'd bring his girlfriend, so they can get it on. Apple agrees and goes to look for her, he searches high and low - still no girlfriend. Then he realized something - he had no girlfriend, or wife for that matter... Or so he thought. Apple ran back to Cinnamon's house - there he saw Cinnamon fucking a girl apple up the asshole. Cum flies onto Apple's face, though afterwards, he took a sponge and washed it off in disgust.

He came back to room, and asks Cinnamon why he is fucking his girlfriend.

"Why. Why Cinnamon. Why" asks Apple - he is clearly angry at Cinnamon for fucking his girlfriend, but still feels he should ask.

"Well. Since I'm Cinnamon, de winna-mon" replies Cinnamon, though, this time he said it in a sexual tone unlike his normal tone.

Apple rushes back to the bathroom - so does Cinnamon. He saw Apple, who had a knife in his hand.


Cinnamon tries to cock slap Apple, but it is no use - as Apple chopped off Cinnamon's head and stuck it up his ASS.

Apple started to fuck the head, over and over - until Cinnamon's cinnamin bits started to go down Apple's asshole.

"That's what I thought."

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