"NOTE: This is 2012GW's Way Of Dead Bart"

Once I was looking at 2012geosworld's channel until I saw a video called "7G06-Dead_Bart.avi." I decided to watch it, so I did.

It started with The Simpsons intro, but it wasn't normal, it had weird sound. I was shocked.The intro was done. It started the part with the plane, then a scene showed Bart dead for a few seconds,then showed the house. I was scared almost, but I kept watching it. The scene switched to Lisa,Homer,Marge,and Maggie for a few seconds, Then, the scene went black, it came back on. The music was from suicidemouse.avi I think. Then it went to Homer, then showed a scene of Bart dead, but at a gravestone this time. The scene went up to Bart for 11 or 10 seconds. Then showed Marge,Homer,And Lisa. Then it went up to Homer. He said something but I didn't hear him. The scene zoomed out from Bart dead. It ended with Lisa,Homer,and Marge on the couch. I was scared.

I was never gonna watch it again.

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