IMG 0305-1-

A possible screencap from the flipnote

Does anybody know about 4ever on Flipnote Hatena, that fangirl who likes Kirby? Well, there was one time, 4ever accidentally published a flipnote that was NEVER supposed to be published on Flipnote Hatena.

On the day it was published, it was soon deleted. This flipnote was very sad.

The story goes that one that day I was looking around on 4ever's Flipnote Hatena account, I found a strange flipnote at the left, the thumbnail showed Kirby dead and the text said: "Rest in Peace". So, I played the flipnote.

The title card faded in and it said "Goodbye Kirby" Just a simple text with a black background. There was no sound, but a faint whisper. I couldn't make out the whisper, but I think it might have said, "Goodbye Kirby..."

The beginning showed Kirby walking around and acting silly. 4ever stops him. And says: "Stop walking around." Kirby started to laugh. Then, Magolor walking towards them. He spoke normal and said: "Kirby, this is bad! Stop laughing at me, You're punished at everything!" Kirby begin to cry and he then jumped off a cliff. 4ever started to  scream, "NO KIRBY! NO!"

It cut to Kirby dead, and 4ever looked at Kirby and said: "He's dead..." and Zero look at Kirby and said: "Yeah..." The flipnote ended with 4ever crying next to Kirby. The screen fades to black. The screen flashes Kirby's dead, mangled body, gasping for air. Then, the song How Could This Happen To Me starts playing, and the screen started to flash very creepy pictures of Kirby. Then, some text appeared and said:

"Rest in Peace Kirby."

The credits showed and it simply just said: "Made by 4ever".