4days.3mm was a file that came with computer that had windows EXPERINCE (XP) in case you where wondering. it was about a guy with cancer and 3 of his family dieing on that day. i bought a WINDOWS XP and the file was called 1day.death.3mm it was creepy. when i started it up it said YOU ONLY HAVE 1DAY,and if i didnt tell you this it was on vm virtualbox so it

was creepier..... deathdAy the screen said after that. wait what i hear foot steps NO NO iefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhefnhwuwuDEATH

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