I'm a fan of the FOX television series 24, it stars my iconic hero Jack Bauer, oh how i loved the show in my teens. but on a fine Wednesday i experienced something that traumatized me forever, yeah it started like any other day, my girlfriend was shopping, and i was at home doing work, when the doorbell rang, it was the postman and i came to get my package, but the postman acted a little odd, i said what was the matter, he handed me my delivery which where a stapler, some paper and what seemed like a DVD, and said about it, "This is a lost episode of the hit tv series 24 once you watch it destroy the disc or it'll be in you head for the rest of your life", then he left, when i looked at it it, the dvd had a picture of Jack Bauer's family on it, with his wife and him scrapped of, leaving only his daughter Kim Bauer, the disturbing thing was the writing, i was written in.......blood, spelling, 24: The Death of Jack Bauer, later on my girlfriend came home, i welcomed her back, and i told her we could watch some 24, she was happy because she loved 24 as well, so we got some popcorn and Coca-Cola and we sat down to watch the mysterious DVD,

At first it had static, it was a little loud, and my girlfriend told me to turn it down, then the episode started, however something was wrong, the intro didn't display 24 but instead 666, i was shocked so was my girlfriend, There was no Previously on 24 sequence, it just opened to a scene with Jack at CTU HQ, but he was alone, no one was in the building, no Chloe O'Brian, no Tony Almeida, no one, Jack takes out a revolver and walks out of his office, the scene switches to him sitting in the Simpsons living room,

"What who made this" my girlfriend said, "i don't know, why would the include this" i said, The whole living room was hyper realistic, Jack loads one bullet into the gun and says "Throughout my life i've been spied on by cameras filming my every move", "was Jack breaking the fourth wall" i thought, Jack goes on to say "now i've had enough and its time for me to join my now deceased friend David Palmer, thank you for watching me torture suspects, thank you for watching me take out the terrorists and thank you....for seeing me to my best to protect my country, I'm CTU Federal Agent Jack Bauer and today is the last day of my life", a ink tear fell down his cheek as the camera zoomed in, he then puts the weapon against his head, then a low picthed, distorted, demonic and horrifying voice yelled "PULL!!", then Jack kills himself, the split screen sequence shows him dead on the floor, realistic blood flows from the head where he shot himself, it faded out, then it faded in to a scene with Kim at her father's grave, the grave said, "In Loving Memory of Jack Bauer 2001-2010 (the years of how long 24 had been on), the two friends with Kim, were none other than....Brian and Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, they left the cemetery and Kim looked back saying , You Were the love of my life, Dad, it cut to the last ticking sounds but it just showed 911, there where no credits, just the 20th Century Fox Logo, the episode ended there,

I was crying because I witnessed my favourite tv character die, but my girlfriend said none of this was real, and so i destroyed it, not before i burned it to another disc and written the same writing on the dvd, i went to the post office and told one of the employees to send it to Kiefer Sutherland (the man who played Jack Bauer) immediately, i had depressing nightmares that had morbid images of the cast in 24, ending with Bauer's echoing voice saying You could have saved me. the next morning, i got an email from Kiefer himself, i was in tears, maybe he might have seen the episode, it said.

Who gave you the episode, why would my character commit suicide, how where elements of The Simpsons and Family Guy on there, if you try and remember who the person's name was and call the police, this mentally unstable man must be put away

Well eventually, The postman (i now identified as Harry Beclok) has been sent to a mental hospital outside of the town I live in, he claimed the episode was made by a former producer of the show because he was schizophrenic, the producer hired stranger's who looked like Bauer and Kim to take part, the gun was a prop, he used SFX, and it meant that he killed them after filming finished, After finding and watching the episode, Harry said he was driven mad by the episode and said he didn't harm anyone in his madness, but he kept the DVD in the post office until his next day job (and he delivered it to me).

I guess everything's finds now, but'll never forget the dramatic, upsetting lost episode

The burned copy of the dvd has been locked in the vault of 20th Century Fox

So remember if you or your loved ones, get a dvd from the postman, look at the cover before you know it.

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