I was at my local resale that had VHS', DVDs, Video Games, and more. Then, I found this one VHS that was written in red Sharpie that said "Brayun Teme Lause Eppisoudeh" with the already mentioned mispelling. I knew what it said [Brian Time Lost Episode], so I bought it for $2.99 and got in my car and went to my apartment.

Watching it

I went to my living room, put it on my VCR, and played it. It had started with the intro un-like the original. It had vomit-enducing animation, the sound was distorted x2, and it was flickering. The "Eppisoudeh" had a title card with a black background and said "Suicidal Sun", although it didn't mention a sun in it. The Episode started off with Brian unhappy looking (like those funny unhappy facial expressions you sawed on the show) and said "Ugh, a stupidly stupid day here". Also, the animation was UUUUUUGGGLY, so ugly that you'd imagine a 4 year old animating this. The animation here had the character with no nose, lined eyes, and balled shaped hands. The animation here also twitches from time to time. After 10 minuites of silence after Brian said that line (BTW, the animation was still during the 10 minuites), I saw a picture so scary it will have you nightmares for 1000 years! It was a hypnotize background with Brian having evil teeth on his mouth and smiling, realistic bloodshot eyes, and some strange static on the bottom for unknown reasons. The eyes also have some strange color rendering that I can't even describe. Oh believe me, it goes much longer than you expected. It goes on for 5 minuites, 5 MINUITES I TELL YOU.

Suicidal Sun

The nightmare-enducing picture

After that, eghh, I don't wanna go more detail into it, the episode shows skys flashing from blue to the hypnotize background from the "picture". The episode ends, and nightmares here I come.