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Second Trollpasta Wiki Welcome to the Second Trollpasta Wiki Since the Trollpasta wiki has unfortunately been removed,… @getfandom
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Sonic.exe I'm a total Sonic the Hedgehog fan much like everyone else, I like the newer games, but I don't… Second Trollpasta Wiki
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Dreamcast Mysterious Kill Screen
Dreamcast Mysterious Kill Screen NOTE: This is my first time typing a creepypasta, so please don't hate on it. Instead, explain… Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki
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What shold i do if i make another creepypasta, what shold i name it?
  • Caroline
  • Japanese Psychopathic Nun
  • Riddle Man
  • Sally (2018)
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Madagascar: The Deleted Scene
Madagascar: The Deleted Scene I love Madagascar. Ever since I first saw it, I always thought I knew that it was a great movie.… Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki
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Cyberchase Lost Episode
Cyberchase Lost Episode Have You Ever Heard Of The PBS Kids Show: Cyberchase? The Series Focuses around three Earth kids,… Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki
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Deathtown Meadows
Deathtown Meadows Let Me Start Off by saying, i have nothing to Do with this, this is just my experience, one day i… Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki
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What's your favourite type of Creepypasta

  • Killers
  • Lost Episodes
  • Video Games
  • Mysteries
  • Urban Legends
  • Rituals
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Repleh Snatas There was a story that if you write 'Repleh Snatas' backwards on a mirror six times in the light… Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki
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